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    I have had the above machine for about a month now and have been very pleased with the results. Used it this morning no problems, but this afternoon ! A piece of Elm I had been working on in the morning with no problem suddenly had lines all over it - raised lines where the cutters would be...
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    New toys

    You should try Barrentines. I put the following review on Amazon: Imagine my disappointment then when we tasted the so called 'vintage' meths ..., After reading all the rave reviews about this product I felt I must try it. It duly arrived. I had told my wife that we would be having a special...
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    new Axminster spiral cutter portable thicknesser

    I have just bought the machine. While I don't think it's particularly quiet, (ear defenders please!) it is certainly a vast improvement on my old Record PT260. I decided I didn't need a planer - most of the wood I obtain is semi ready anyway so just a thicknesser made sense. Where it does win...
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    It started with my table saw...

    Thnaks Roy, As I said i fixed the problem. I wasn't asking for help (this time !) just trying to say how I got onto Woodworking.
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    It started with my table saw...

    Which needed fettling as I couldn't get the damn blade to 90 degrees ! Whilst I didn't find the answer here, I found loads of other interesting stuff and immediately signed up for the year. I'm into refurbing garden benches (not painting - my wife does that) and making small items (boxes...