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    Stopping epoxy leaks with glazing putty?

    You can get fillers to make the epoxy thixotropic, it might be colloidal silica or those micro bubbles I forget now. Effectively you should be able to modify the epoxy to be thicker and not run out of the cracks. It might need priming ( wetting )with a thin epoxy first to aid adhesion, and...
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    Stopping epoxy leaks with glazing putty?

    I am not sure the putty will work here, my guess is that the epoxy when wet will seep through where it is sticking to the wood. You might be better off with parcel tape, the cheap brown one is good.
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    Total Newbie to CNC and Lasers

    Hi David Have a look in the CNC and laser section, there have been many discussions about the topic. I also recommend a browse of these two forums. There is a lot of knowledge there from real experts, I learned a lot from...
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    Router plane on sapele

    As said this is the way Sapele can behave. I suggest routing it a bit deeper (with a router or trimmer) and insetting a thin sheet. Could be a contrasting wood so it looks nice. Normally a cabinet scraper or very high angle plane can tame it a bit, though not much help in the bottom of the box.
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    Cutting list for CNC

    There are plugins for Fusion 360 and sketchup that will do this. Can't remember the names. Vcarve pro does nesting for optimisation. Ollie
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    Old axi catalogue

    Yep they are proper skinny,you can see the dowel in the glazing bar.
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    How are you storing your tools?

    Everywhere, all over the place, its chaos. If you have to only work in the workshop then it is easier to set up cabinets, french cleats etc. But for me I am half in the workshop and half on site at various jobs. I have gone for semi modular. I have a bunch of systainers that will stack neatly...
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    Old axi catalogue

    I am not quite sure what you mean here. Do you mean specifically bottom or top sash ? Both ? I just do them the same as the top or bottom rail, they are slim so its a very small mortice and tenon. I know traditionally you would do the meeting rail to stile joint as a double tenon to allow for...
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    What are the most beautiful tools that you own

    Those hammers are gorgeous, and the slicks, and the bench. it`s all glorious. Damn it. Do you need an apprentice? Ollie
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    Hardwood waste for pricing joinery

    It is true I do not have a bit of regular radiata pine to compare it with. In comparison to the Accoya it is very much lighter but less brittle. Also it is planable with a normally set plane whereas Accoya can be a nightmare to hand plane.
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    Decent Brad point drill bits

    Star M from Workshop heaven. They are japanese and nice quality. Fisch and Famag are nice as well. This looks a good set plus 10% extra off at the moment Ollie
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    Hardwood waste for pricing joinery

    I have found the Abodo to machine well on the planer thicknesser and spindle/ router. It produces a nice crisp moulding. It is noticably soft and makes a static dust similar to Accoya ( presumably due to its extreme dryness ) so care must be taken if sanding it and chisels and hand planes need...
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    What are the most beautiful tools that you own

    I am partial to my Japanese chisels and one handmade dozuki saw. I also like the quality of my Veritas shoulder plane, a pleasure to use.
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    Hardwood waste for pricing joinery

    Yes, but is it worth the price and the vineger smell ? Been testing out Abodo a bit. It smells burnt instead and is not as hard but very much cheaper than Accoya. From a distance it looks like black walnut...
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    Roofing. Galv sheeting replacing slates.

    I put breathable membrane over the OSB on mine. Only because I had some left from doing the sides under the cladding and I thought I might as well. It does seem to have worked well, no leaks in 6 years or so.
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    Roofing. Galv sheeting replacing slates.

    If by laths you mean tile batten then it might be OK. The only thing is the roofing tec screws normally used for this roofing are quite thick and may split the battens. I used this roofing on my shed but I put OSB under it for full support. Ollie
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    Hardwood waste for pricing joinery

    20% from rough sawn
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    Removing paint from cement

    What about a powerful jet washer ?
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    Labelling system

    Probably Posca pens.