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  1. Inspector

    Lidl's quibble quibble 3 year tool guarantee

    Cut James some slack. It is his very first post and he used it to take a shot 🔫 at someone in a 7 year old thread. I'm anticipating great things from him when he comes forward to help people solve their problems, teach and show us his work in the days and years ahead. 🥰 Pete
  2. Inspector

    New on this forum

    Welcome Ruben. Post some pictures of you people powered machines. They are not something we see everyday and would be interesting. Pete
  3. Inspector

    Power washer service

    New to me too although I recall as a kid some people before the days of detergent oils would clean their engines. They would drain some of the oil and pour in solvent and run it for a few minutes to clean out the deposits, drain and fill with clean oil and after a an hour or two of running drain...
  4. Inspector

    Armouring internet cable under grave driveway

    Duh! Just occurred to me that you could get some pressure treated wood, 4x2 and 2x6 or treated plywood and build a box around it with screws and construction adhesive. Radius both ends so there are no sharp edges. Make the U shape, put it in the trench and put the "lid" on it. Appropriate for...
  5. Inspector

    Is this just another scam attempt

    Spring is here and it has been about 15C or so the last few days but there is supposed to be about 100mm of snow on Wednesday so winter is still holding on a little. Streets are still the same sans the oxen and the lights are longer. Instead there are a lot of twits that drive like a bat out of...
  6. Inspector

    Armouring internet cable under grave driveway

    I assume you can't disconnect one end to thread it though a pipe laid under the driveway. So I suggest sawing a slit the length of a heavy walled PVC or ABS pipe. Spread it and slip the cable into it a little at a time as you advance along. Then "weld" the PVC back together with the solvent used...
  7. Inspector

    Is this just another scam attempt

    Of course it is a scam. If you have a package on the way go back to the order and track the package to see what it says. They want you to click the links so they can inject a data mining software to get information. DELETE IT without opening it. I had a similar message on Easter Monday...
  8. Inspector

    125mm pad on a 150mm sander?

    You misunderstand. The OP wants to replace the pad consisting of threaded backer, foam/rubber pad and the velcro with a 125mm one. The original pad would be returned to the sander to use 150mm papers. Pete
  9. Inspector

    Labelling system

    SWMBO bought a water bottle to use at work and then noticed lots of others have the same bottle so she bought a label maker off Amazon. An inexpensive thing under $25Cad/15£ that you write and control with an app on the phone. The label has survived a couple weeks of washing in the sink so far...
  10. Inspector

    Plunge router guide rail adaptor

    Before you spend on other jigs and things. Use a straight or spiral up cutting bit to cut a groove close to the opening size you want to end up with. Then switch over to the dovetail bit without moving your straight edge and recut. I think the reason you are not getting clean or straight cuts...
  11. Inspector

    Building Bridges

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer Scotty but I'll ask anyway. Is what you call a "rod" what we would refer to as a story pole? Pete
  12. Inspector

    Beam plane

    Not if you worked the table side until it was flat and true. Then it would work like any other thicknessing machine. Square one edge and it too would be good. Usually there is more tolerance allowed when timber framing and the joints are laid out and cut to compensate for twist etc. With wood...
  13. Inspector

    What is a NUTOOL BS260 bandsaw blade length

    I don't have one but I'll offer this calculator. Plug in the wheel diameters and distance between the centres of the shafts and it will give you the blade length. The speeds in the calculator won't change the outcome of the blade length. Gauge/thickness of...
  14. Inspector

    Mystery thing

    They look like little flagging paddles the road crew traffic control people use. Paint stop on one side and slow on the other. Hand them out to the flaggers as you go by. It'll make their day. 😉 Pete
  15. Inspector

    8 point sockets

    12 point sockets can roundoff a square nut or plumbing plug if a lot of force is needed. I still have 4 point, 8 point and weather head sockets (3 sided to fit over plumbing elbows) from when I was an aircraft mechanic. They didn't get a lot of use but they didn't damage alloy fittings. Pilots...
  16. Inspector

    1.1 - Wadkin RS Lathe ¦¦ Elephants Foot + Tool Rest

    Acetone and ATF mixed 50/50 is what I have heard the most often. WD40 was made to displace water and it barely does that. As a penetrating oil there are others that are better. Pete
  17. Inspector

    Coloured epoxy - Small amounts

    Would Milliput putty work? Pull off what you need and then knead it until mixed. Trowel it into the knot hole and sand when cured. Pete
  18. Inspector

    Woodhaven2 heads up

    I went to have a look and I can read the Home Page and I can open a Forum page but can't look at any threads. A page opens up telling me I have to join. Probably me but if a site is closed to me having a little look around it will never have me as a member. 👋 Pete
  19. Inspector

    House name on a post…

    Around here people bolt a plasma cut steel plate to a big boulder at the corner of the driveway. The signs may be just the family name and address number to more artistic wolves howling, bear with a salmon in their mouth etc. You could look into what is available locally for a plasma cut sign...
  20. Inspector

    Help: converting 230V (1ph) 50Hz machines to run on 220V (1ph) 60Hz supply

    What do the makers of these machines say about running 60Hz? Do they have different motors ie different part numbers for the two markets or are they the same? Most of mine say 60Hz except for a belt/disc sander 6"x 48" with a 12" disc that says 50Hz/60Hz. It was made in Taiwan. Pete