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  1. J

    Old Shipwreck found on beach Orkney

    Just a warning, I use surfshark VPN and it messes with the BBC website something rotten, and that's in the UK. I fairness to it, it's fine with everything else, but I have to turn it off to look a the BBC website. Even if it set to a UK server it detects a VPN and plays up. I'm really saying...
  2. J

    Any Archdale machines/stories/photos out there?

    This fellah on youtube has an Archdale radial drill in his shop which he uses quite a bit. He's an agricultural engineer in Yorkshire and his videos are well worth watching in themselves.
  3. J

    Royal Mail - complete ban on bladed items from 22nd April

    It's a bit early in the day for me.
  4. J

    Royal Mail - complete ban on bladed items from 22nd April

    Couldn't resist commenting on this. I've heard many opinions of the Daily Mail in my time, on the whole generally uncomplimentary, but I have to say leftie is definitely a first.
  5. J

    Instructions for Raglan Vertical mill required please?

    Or you can get a printed and bound manual for £15 here
  6. J

    Allen Socket Screws

    TBH, Quora is the last place to find anything apart from opinion.
  7. J

    MYFORD ML Tri Lever serial number location

    The Trilever (marketed as Tri-Leva) version of the ML7 isn't very common, and is a very effective addition., hence prices are a bit silly. ML7s (and all their derivatives) have become very fashionable machines so tend to be quite expensive for what they are. That said, they are a good...
  8. J

    DIY Welder!

    That's true unless you are wanting to tack anything thin (under about 3 mm), in which case a MIG would be better. A stick welder will just tend to burn holes. Edit: I've just looked back on the thread and realised Porker has already posted this info.
  9. J

    Black & Decker smoothing plane

    Neither did I, which is why I asked the question. And there's nothing on the internet to suggest that they ever did.
  10. J

    Black & Decker smoothing plane

    Thanks for all your replies, most illuminating. Glad someone remembers B&D making planes, I thought from the lack of info I might have a one off. @joshvegas, you are completely correct, looking at it more closely it is a paramo no 10 down to the "no 10" cast into the base in front of the forward...
  11. J

    Black & Decker smoothing plane

    I have an old plane sitting around with no blade. Not really sure if it's a longish smoothing plane or a shortish jack plane. The only brand markings on the plane is the hex B&D on the lever plate. I finally decided to get a blade, but cannot find any trace of Black & Decker ever producing a...