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    Best Laminate for heavy traffic?

    Many high traffic commercial buildings including retail now install (LVT) vinyl which tends to have a much thicker wear layer than normal laminate flooring. Best known, but also premium priced, is Karndean and Amtico - there are other equally good cheaper alternatives. It is also completely...
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    Are EV's good value? Apparently not!

    The issue needs much bigger thinking than some of the narrow views being expressed here. Net zero is an aspiration in 2050 - 26 years away. We need to consider what needs to change, not regard apparent existing barriers as somehow insurmountable. They are not! Key issue - the variability of...
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    Need to escape/reset

    Agent zed has some good points - it may be useful to properly document the work needed around the school. I assume the school, as a part of its governance process, produces a plan for the whole school normally updated at least annually. This is what any reasonably well managed company would do...
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    Rutlands Router table.... Any Good

    I too have the Excel table. Value for money it is excellent - it would not be the choice for a production or business environment where accuracy, rigidity etc is more critical, but as a hobby machine can make good sense. Decent results can be had with care. A £200 machine which includes...
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    Are EV's good value? Apparently not!

    The car industry does not care what fuel used by their products - they simply want to sell cars. Whether EVs will save the planet is rather more doubtful - certainly not on their own irrespective of how the electricity is generated.
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    First Workshop - advice needed!

    The space you have allocated for a workshop is fairly limited - you need to be very sure that all machines earn their keep. Tools and equipment needs change with time. Many (me included) find that their initial expectations of what they might make, and the kit they need, changes over time...
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    How is lane filtering on a motorbike allowed and/or safe?

    As a motorist I have no problem with evidently experienced motorcyclists filtering - the critical safety element is speed differential - the bike rider needs to react in good time if a car changes lane etc. However driving through London recently in the rush hour period I was somewhat shocked...
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    Surely a huge gap in the market?

    With increasingly small properties and with more apartments, it is unsurprising that many simply do not have the space for a separate workshop - I know some will even use a spare bedroom. The combination machine could be a solution to the space problem. To be a success it needs to be much...
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    Surely a huge gap in the market?

    Proxxon seem to have identified a niche market for small high quality machines. Going up a size embraces a far larger potential market for advanced DIY and hobbyists. In industrial markets reliability, precision and service life are more critical. Weight is less/non critical - some degree...
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    Who knows what this Vise (Vice on your side of the pond) is for?

    It looks to be a substantial casting. How about gun stock manufacturing to allow both woodworking and work on decorative inlays without marring the other side?
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    Are EV's good value? Apparently not!

    Assuming conspicuous consumption or virtue signalling is a generalisation and largely wrong. EVs have only sold in material and increasing volumes over the last three years. They have been expensive relative to their ICE equivalents due largely to the cost of batteries. Manufacturers have...
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    British Sumer Time Note

    The phrase "lions lead by donkeys" resonates: In the spring of 1916, during World War One, the German army turned the clocks forward as a way of conserving energy. Many followed suit including the UK. The main reason is to make better use of daylight during the longer days of summer. That...
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    Joke Thread 4

    There is a difference. In the early days ICE was affordable only by wealthy folk. They were entirely capable of paying whatever was required to provide re-fuelling facilities. Others relied on rail, horses or legs. Many doubted the need or even the future for ICE except as a wealthy mans...
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    A little truth for a change.

    I'm sure there are some who believe they are genetically endowed with magnets in their feet.
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    A little truth for a change.

    Whether we are coming out of an ice age, in an ice age, or in a warming period depends entirely upon perspective: over billions of years it has been both warmer and colder there is a cycle which seems to recur every 100,000 years we are coming out of the last "ice age" about 12000 years ago...
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    A little truth for a change.

    I am content to accept the general thrust of the scientific consensus on climate change, but a large proportion of the population are either in active denial or unconvinced. Given their near 100% agreement I think the scientific community have done a poor job of its communication. Shouting...
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    Anybody own a holiday let?

    That some with capital (high earners, sale of business, inheritance etc) decide to purchase property is no surprise. Property has been a fairly safe store of value with potential for growth. Interest rates since 2009 have been ~1% until recently. That councils should charge a council tax...
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    A little truth for a change.

    I started to speculate on the size of a community that could make the 15 minute city a reality, supporting day to day needs, not the occasional or specialist. Six supermarket chains account for ~80% of food sales and have ~8000 stores - some full size some more limited - about one for each 9000...
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    Anybody own a holiday let?

    I have a BTL flat let via an agent. It is a part of my retirement income, not a business. Rental yields were much higher than interest rates and I felt more comfortable with a physical asset which had historically increased in value, rather than digital evidence (shares, ISA, bank account)...
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    A little truth for a change.

    Suburbanisation happened largely due to mass car ownership changing behaviours: greater car ownership reduced the economic case for decent public transport traditional town and city centres could not cope with traffic or parking out of town centre shopping malls and retail development allowed...