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  1. Lefley


    Your tools are so expensive there. I can buy the jessem master fence for £187 in Canada Brand new.
  2. Lefley

    Electric vehicles

    Very correct, with 74% and climbing rapidly coming from the Congo.
  3. Lefley

    Electric vehicles

    So true, but when we see pictures of guards with machine guns at all these mines. Wether, cobalt, gold, diamonds, it's a lot of organized crime. And when they are mining in shafts , the smaller the shaft the quicker and faster they can follow seams of minerals. So a small person is a cheaper...
  4. Lefley

    Electric vehicles

    Exposed: Child labour behind smart phone and electric car batteries
  5. Lefley

    Wet, Wet, Wet

    We are in the same boat. Our govt let in 900,000 East Indians etc, last month alone, saying we had a labour shortgage, when all the big businesses scooped these people up on 5 year contracts for garbage wages. Now young people can't find work, at McDonald's etc, as they have all hired these...
  6. Lefley

    Wet, Wet, Wet

    How can you guys be short of water when it rains every day? hong kong has been using salt water in there toilets for 50 years. they now use in air conditioners and cooling systems.
  7. Lefley

    Secret Santa 2023 photos only.

    As always, I received some wonderful gifts from my secret Santa. I will have to post pics later as my computer is being used to upgrade my wife's old iPad to a new one. I most cherish simple things from another country that we have not had before. I received a box of English shortbread This...
  8. Lefley

    The 2023 Secret Santa - your last chance!

    Best present in the whole wide world, that one last tool to attain perfection. Now you just have to figure out how to use it! I love my skews.
  9. Lefley

    Go to christmas movies

    That's definitely a Christmas movie. A lot of crazy things happen at office Xmas parties! miracle on 34th street, the original.
  10. Lefley

    The 2023 Secret Santa - your last chance!

    And Bledhen Nowydh Da :)
  11. Lefley

    Post a photo of the last thing you turned

    Hey it's 12:23 in england, where are the photos!,,,,,! merry christmas just 5:24 Christmas Eve here!
  12. Lefley

    Importing Power Tools from the US

    It's all good til that router causes a huge electrical problem or a fire. Then your insurance will never pay out. We in Canada get that a lot. People order their lighting products for new houses on from the USA. Free shipping to Canada. But they don't have the CSA electrical...
  13. Lefley

    Construction adhesive?

    You just need globs on the studs like where you would usually nail it . Like when they do drywall these days and hang with very few screws and use glue instead. maybe a product in this category.
  14. Lefley

    The 2023 Secret Santa - your last chance!

    My favourite presents always come wrapped in duct tape! You know it's something just for you!
  15. Lefley

    Post a photo of the last thing you turned

    Are you saying we are old! Or is it just a really big can?
  16. Lefley

    New lathe for a Men's Shed.

    I love them!
  17. Lefley

    First attempt at carving a rocking horse

    That is incredible. And your first time! Some people are truly gifted, I still need a ruler to draw a line!
  18. Lefley

    The 2023 Secret Santa - your last chance!

    You might want to pick up a tent while you’re at it!
  19. Lefley

    The 2023 Secret Santa - your last chance!

    June of 2022, he is a keener! Makes us all look like huge procrastinators!