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    Buying cheapest wood for woodwork practice in the UK

    Around where I live there are building alterations going on all the time as I go on my walkies. There are some really good pieces just chucked in the skip. I don't need any more wood just now, as I have a "wood shed" full of scavenged bits and I just need to use them up on my little jobbies that...
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    TRiton TRA001 router problem

    Triton have been very prompt in coming back to me. They wanted the original receipt I paid and a copy of the registered guarantee. Today, I got a prepaid postage (via FedEX) to send the TRA001 back to them so that it can be looked at repaired (or whatever) and returned to me. I was told that...
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    TRiton TRA001 router problem

    HI, if you remember I had a TRA001 router issue last year. The switch appeared to be the issue at the time, but it seemed to have cleared up. But today it has refused to switch on. There is power showing as the switch lights up but it wont turn the motor. Anyway I have now messaged Triton under...
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    Albion Timber Sheffield Open Day 18th May

    didn't know about them. Just had a look at their website. Looks like a really good operation and excellent choice and support. Thanks Blackswanwood
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    AC400 Record Power air filter - not working

    Today I fitted the replacement circuit board which RP had sent me (very quickly as well - impressed). I managed to sort out getting access to the circuit board. Had to take the whole end off, which I wasn't expecting to have to do. But anyway the whole thing is now back operational. So will see...
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    AC400 Record Power air filter - not working

    Well Record Power sent me a new circuit board to replace the old one. It arrived this morning. I have just been down to my wee workshop to unscrew the panel. There are 4 screws. And looking at the parts diagram it's clear that it screws into 4 nuts on the rear. BUT - the darned screws aren't...
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    AC400 Record Power air filter - not working

    I got in touch with Record Power and they have come back and said this is a common fault with this model! And since it is under warranty they will provide a free replacement! I await further details from them now on how this will happen. So perhaps a great result
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    AC400 Record Power air filter - not working

    Thanks for the replies. I will do a quick check tomorrow when I can. Since it was bought in December 2022 it will still be under its 5 year warranty. Bought from D&M Tools back then
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    AC400 Record Power air filter - not working

    I have an AC400 Record Power air filter - bought in December 2022. I hadn't been in the workshop for a few weeks due to the cold, and have found out that the air filter has stopped working. Have checked the fuses - internal and plug to see if there is a problem, But that hasn't solved it...
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    3 piece loft ladder, how to lubricate?

    I installed a 3 section wood loft ladder about 6 years ago. The wider depth treads are a godsend now. I didn't buy this one from Screwfix, but it is similar. Mind you I am getting on a bit now and I wouldn't...
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    I grew up in a NE Scotland fishing port, and for a part-time job in my teens in the 1960s worked in a fish yard where I learned to fillet fish. The yard was run by a mannie who liked a wee drink down the pub. But he did employ a part-time cooper to make barrels for the small amount of herring...
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    Royal Mail - complete ban on bladed items from 22nd April

    I just want to come back to the initial query by the OP. The definition of bladed items as I understand by the post office relates to knives IMPORTANT NOTICE: From 22 April 2024 we will be prohibiting ‘Knives or Blades’ defined by s141A Criminal Justice Act 1988 and ‘Bladed Products’ as...
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    Royal Mail - complete ban on bladed items from 22nd April

    I use them frequently. As a regular eBay seller, I send approx 4 or 5 parcels a month, and there is almost a 100% delivery rate. I have perhaps had 2 or 3 go missing over the last 7 years as an active seller. I also use Parcel Force occasionally of very large or very heavy stuff, and sometimes...
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    This could be interesting ...

    Yes very interesting. I just looked up my local Waterstones and I can get it for 12.99. I would much rather support them than greedy Amazon!
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    Old school plumbing

    I the house where it came from in the Midlands? I was wondering if the fact that this is an irish company fitting, that somehow one of the large Irish contingent in the Midlands had connections back in Dublin, etc and procured their plumbing fittings for work here? It's very interesting and...
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    Dowel jig

    I have always used my Woden jig for jointing. I have also found to does the job quickly and easily.
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    Something exciting this way comes

    That's excellent news. Yes I hope it works out for you as well. TBH - I have been wondering for a long time since I retired from my desk job a few years ago, if I could/should make some items - eg small simple boxes/crates for local charity shops. But I have always been afraid of even going in...
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    I finally had my hearing test this week. My hearing has deteriorated slightly especially in my right ear. So I am promised new more powerful hearing aids - Phonak - which will be controllable via an app and also I wont need the streamer to listen to phone calls or podcasts as these will go...
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    Wood ID (antique sideboard)

    Yes I would say oak
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    Postage cost for a long parcel

    Thanks for the comments. I haven't sorted the postage issue, but am coming to an arrangement with the customer when I am up close to their neck of the woods seeing family, and will deliver my package then.