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    Oak Faced MDF/Plywood Suppliers in North Wales/North West

    Richard Potter in Nantwich do veneered boards I have used in the past but the veneer is very thin (Much thinner than I have had on veneered birch ply) I have also used the single sided and glued it back to back to make double sided
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    Jig to cut veneers on a bandsaw.

    I ran a sheet metal prototyping workshop for 10 years and one thing I learnt was that you have to listen to customer/potential customer feedback. My feedback both positive and negative is based on 30+ years practical cabinet making experience including regular cutting of laminates and veneers...
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    Jig to cut veneers on a bandsaw.

    Firstly full credit to Elisha for developing a jig which does work. Well done The question as to whether it is an improvement over the standard approach is probably not something that Eilisha can really answer due to her limited experience of this process. I think that some of Woodbrains...
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    Simonswerk hinge quality?

    For better quality work I use Simonswerk or Basta Parsons hinges and havent had any quality issues Yours do not look right on 2 fronts When you open and close them the knuckles should stay flush to each other. Yours look like there are steps The large open gap at the end will show See link...
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    Wood movement and book-shaped boxes

    You could make the base (green bit) as an internal ply panel glued into a groove all round in the sides. Then to get the effect on the outside glue a strip of wood onto the bottom of the 3 sides Using ply/mdf for the base you wont have to worry about timber movement and the glued in panel will...
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    Maple veneer not sticking

    I have never had problems with properly glued burr chipping when routing corners for lines but always ensure the cutter is fairly new. This was more like large pieces coming away. Surfaces of the ply are all prepped with 120g . Adhesive is less than 12 months old stored in a sealed contained. I...
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    Needing a new plane iron for a 5 1/2

    You need to check that a thick iron will work with the adjuster yoke on your plane. I fitted a laminated plane blade like this one from workshop heaven and it is very good. Unfortunately out of stock atm
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    I really dont like the sloppy settings as they are so loose. I often just take a chisel and trim off the last rib at each side which gives about 1mm of sideways adjustment
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    Maple veneer not sticking

    I have just been cutting the corners on a box for some ebony lines on the router table and the burr maple veneer is chipping out really badly. I used aerolite adhesive for the veneer which all seemed to go off fine. The chipping is only on the end of teh router cutter and the face which is cut...
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    Jig to cut veneers on a bandsaw.

    I could only get 1 video to play so my comments are only based on the first one There are 2 benefits which I see to you jig The ability to cut material with a sawn surface on both sides, ie you dont have to surface the board between veneer cuts. Im not sure if this is a big benefit as you have...
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    Is there such a thing as a non-stick clamping caul blocks?

    Parcel tape. Melamine coated chip works well for clamping blocks but not at the exposed chip edges
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    Good workbench deal at £100?

    It looks a really good buy. Now enjoy moving everything round to get it into position. I would recommend refinishing the top with a very finely set plane to keep as flat a reference surface as possible. Sanding can leave hollows. Finish on a bench is a personal thing. Mine is beech and I dont...
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    Sequoia Waterfall Table

    Excellent grain continuity through the waterfall and lovely colours. What is sequoia like to work with? Have you put any strengthening splines/biscuits/dominoes in the joint?
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    What is a proper jointing technique?

    If the board is twisted. you will tend to take all the material off the low point on the trailing edge, whereas what you want is to take it fairly evenly from the low points on both ends (which are diagonally opposite)) If it is a really bad twist you can turn the board round but keep it concave...
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    Tormke t-4 vs 'other makes'?

    I have had one of the green supergrind versions from new and have only had to change the plastic bushes They are quite slow but are excellent for bench tools. I havent tried the CBN wheel but I am sur ethe wheel will last another 20 years Being wet also works with my waterstones. I never leave...
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    For Sale Wood poster

    I think that is one of the original craft supplies posters
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Oak is absolutely fine for a bookcase For kitchen utensils, sycamore and beech are more suitable
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    That is almost certainly the starting of brown oak which is just ordinary oak which has been attacked and stained by a fungus
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    Woodworking & craft shows and events…

    I went to Newark on Friday. Thought it was very busy and quite a poor relation to Harrogate. Some good turning demonstrators
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    Bending a silver steel rod?

    It isnt a tube he is trying to bend but a solid 8mm rod, Putting a pipe bending spring over it will just cause problems, I would make a simple wooden former and bend around it in the vice. *mm should bend quite easily