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    Which 18g Brad nailer?

    If you can get away with 23ga, i would highly recommend. The headless pins are virtually impossible to see. Most go from 15mm to 35mm. I gave my gun using compressed air to a friend who runs a picture framing business who uses it for pinning deep frames whilst gluing so a similar job i would...
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    Which 18g Brad nailer?

    Meant to say that i have the Dewalt first fix and 16ga dewalt, both of which i really rate, but didn't think as much of the 18ga dewalt which i why i went for the Milwaukee. I am fortunate to have batteries for makita, dewalt and Milwaukee. The Milwaukee 23ga pin nailer (imported from USA) is a...
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    Which 18g Brad nailer?

    I have this Milwaukee one. Gets a fair bit of use and really decent.
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    Pre machined window parts (and door frames)

    I have taken photos of a few profiles which i have been using. These are pretty standard cutters, 2 differing ovolo cutters and a chamfer. I would say that a large percentage of the windows i make come from these profiles and i have the matching scribe cutters for my tenoner. Frame jamb...
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    Multitool advice

    Milwaukee 18v fuel for me too. I have had a dewalt cordless and makita 18v (really annnoying as blade change needed allen key). I liked the dewalt, but milwaukee wins my vote.
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    Pre machined window parts (and door frames)

    Hi Ollie Thanks for reply. I am in the process of running off samples so will have some samples to show soon so will let you know. I will always scribe and use mortice and tenon joints. I am lucky to have a tenoner with a scribe block. Like you, i scribe first to avoid tear out, but i have...
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    Pre machined window parts (and door frames)

    I am a joiner and for some time, as well as making and fitting windows and doors, we have been running off lengths of cills and window parts for builders i know who have carpenters who then make the windows. I have also run off lengths of T & G for outdoor offices as well as picture frame...
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    Sold Festool TS 55 REBQ-PLUS 240v circular saw

    Festool track saw for sale. It is about 3 1/2 years old but has not been heavily used. It has always been kept in the systainer and comes with it and the lead. It has recently had new brushes fitted by Festool service centre and the certificate is included. I have recently switched to a...
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    Helping out a family member

    I recently did a job building a garden office for my sister and Brother in law. I get on well with them, but i explained that they may be better off getting someone else in as i would have to charge my normal rates for the job otherwise i am losing income. It is different if it is a day to help...
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    Severance negotiations

    I was in a similar position to you although 20 years ago. My boss took the view that i was disloyal but did not try to offer any form of severance. I worked in the recruitment industry at the time and had been responsible at a previous role for keeping up to date with recruitment law. I took my...
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    Heads-up - Gluing Accoya

    Not just you, I won't use it. I have had some experience of how brittle it is, I find it horrible to use. Obeche is quite stable too. I machine some picture frame mouldings for some clients and use it. Nick
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    Smartwatch for the workshop

    I personally would not want a watch that can vibrate at any moment. The thing i have found with ear buds (or bluetooth ear defenders is that the phone beeping in for a call or message is less distracting. It is just a noise change that I can ignore if right in the middle of something, but at...
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    Smartwatch for the workshop

    My son who works for me has a Samsung galaxy that seems hard wearing. What i have done to know when calls or messages are coming in is have ear buds in. I listen to audiobooks, but will hear calls no problem. You can get ear defenders that are comfortable to wear over the ear buds too. The...
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    Council charges and DIY refuse

    South Gloucestershire allow a commercial vehicle 12 free visits a year and pay no attention to black bags. I use my pick up mostly to take garden waste rather than use our car. But i often see full transit vans clearly getting rid of commercial waste and this seems fine to those who work there...
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    Festool domino: benefits + price

    I do use the domino to join the rails and stiles. It adds strength, but it also makes alignment far easier. I use it with a decorative edge as well. My rails and stiles are normally 22mm with 9mm mrmdf inserts. I tend to use 8mm dominos. I machine the profile with a spindle moulder and scribe...
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    Festool domino: benefits + price

    That does seem like a good price, but if local, can you go and have a look and see it working. If they are reluctant to let you see it working, then i wouldn't bother. Sometimes you get lucky with price. I do similar jobs to you and held off buying one for quite a while. I eventually took the...
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    Go to christmas movies

    My Father always threatened to remove the socket from the tv if my mother suggested putting it on.
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    Go to christmas movies

    Not a Christmas movie but tends to be on at Christmas, Where eagles dare. Watched Die Hard last night. Definitely a Christmas movie. Nick
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    Child labour - when did you start you kids off in DIY

    My son showed no interest in woodworking growing up, but decided to take a gap year and earn some money before going to university. He came and worked for me and is now taking a 2nd gap year to stay working (although he is planning to go to uni next year). What is interesting is that even 3...