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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    I think Radha lost it spending all that time laminating those chunky frames and not having enough time to finish the project whereas the other two did complete theirs. Made we want to design and build something unique for the garden! Regards Keith
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    What finish for Ash chairs?

    I prefer wax polish on Ash so you retain the natural colour. Regards Keith
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    Energy Saving

    Wow Droogs that is one big mug and to drink 8 mugs a day is awesome! I'm guessing you're the Scottish tea drinking champion :cool: Regards Keith
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    Beehive Compost Box (Aesthetic)

    Geoff Hamilton had a design for a beehive compost bin in one of his books but not sure which one! I bought the book and made the compost bin but I think I gave the book to one of the children years ago. Have a search on the net for "Images for Geoff Hamilton beehive composter plans". A chop saw...
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    The weather

    You can buy a 3mx3m pop up gazebo from Argos for £100 which can save a lot of stress. They are very quick to put up with two people but a bit of a fiddle on your own. Regards Keith
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    Weeds etc

    The problem with cutting it back is it encourages it to grow stronger. I'd spray it every couple of weeks with glyphosate weedkiller. For the thick briars I would push the ends into a jam jar half filled with neat glyphosate which should kill it back to the roots. You can buy industrial...
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    Electric vehicles

    Thanks Just4Fun. This is the explanation from the Honda website: "The Jazz hybrid car features a petrol engine, an electric motor and a small battery pack. This battery pack is powered by the engine as well as kinetic energy that is recuperated when the car is in motion, particularly when...
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    Electric vehicles

    When I started this thread I never imagined it would still be going 16 months later but I’ve learned an awful lot from the contributions so thanks for that. I’ve had to recently change the car and although an electric vehicle would suffice for most of my motoring there are a few long journeys...
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    Redecorating and radiators

    Thanks all for the comments and suggestions. I could get a plumber to remove and replace the radiators but I waited two months for a plumber to replace a pair of kitchen taps. I would also prefer not to disturb the system if possible. I will paper just behind the radiators but I was after any...
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    Redecorating and radiators

    When I started decorating many years ago I used to drain down and remove radiators before repapering. Then our heating engineer advised against removing radiators because of the risk of increasing corrosion in the system and the need to rebalance the radiators after the system was reinstated...
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    eBay changing method of payment

    Thanks southendwoodworker for the idea. I'd never heard of Monzo but will look into it. There was another good bit of advice in the article about Paypal charging an annual fee for an inactice account. I use Paypal for many internet purchases as well as eBay so I do not have to give out my...
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    eBay changing method of payment

    I received an email from eBay today confirming they are making payments direct to my bank account from 31st May 2021 rather than into a Paypal account and requesting my bank account details. They say I will save the Paypal fees but they are increasing eBay selling fees! Am I alone in trusting...
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    Rust removal by electrolysis

    Dominic Chimea from The Repair Shop has just posted a video on YouTube showing how to use electrolysis to remove rust from tools using a car battery charger. Regards Keith
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    Removing splinters the easy way!

    Yes it was a little pot of paste for £2.99. Applied just a smear and a plaster and it worked. The chemist said to try it for two or three days and if it didn't work consult the doctor. Regards Keith
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    Removing splinters the easy way!

    I helped a neighbour repair his greenhouse and thought I’d either caught my hand on a pin or had a splinter in the fleshy part of the hand below the thumb. For a fortnight it caused irritation but no sign of a splinter and the hand was looking infected. I went to see the chemist and she sold me...
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    Re-doing the Garden

    I send off email enquiries to two or three local merchants listing what I want. It is quicker than several phone calls and you have comparative prices. Recently I've found merchants keen to get the business. Regards Keith
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    Tools that last longer than expected

    Shall do. Thanks for your advice Rorschach. Regards Keith
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    Tools that last longer than expected

    I think so because it died with a "death rattle" sounding like something breaking rather than the battery just fading away. Another thing broke today that was even older, the nylon screw on my Stanley marking gauge snapped off but that is something I should be able to repair. Regards Keith
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    Tools that last longer than expected

    My Black & Decker "Dustbuster" cordless handheld vacuum cleaner expired today after 27 years of use. It was permanently on charge and used most days on small cleaning jobs that didn't warrant plugging in the full size cleaner. I expected it to last maybe 2 or 3 years so was very surprised it...
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    Replacement batteries for cordless tools

    Thanks for all your input. In the end I decided to buy genuine Makita batteries. The original batteries were still working after 5 or 6 years so cost per year is pretty good and the added capacity could have caused problems. I bought the new batteries from DVS Power Tools in Basingstoke Dvs...