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    Leytool drills

    Fantastic! BugBear
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    Sorry to be leaving

    Actually, (unlike sharpening threads) they're not just slagging each other off, they're citing actual evidence and reasoning for their differing views. This is an actual discussion, and view and facts are being exchanged. I know this is unusual on this site. I rather like it. BugBear
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    Identify strange old pliers?

    This is from a local group to me; the poster says the name stamped on the handle is "SHAXESHAFT" It's a new one on me - I'd guess some kind of crimping tool. Anyone able to positively identify it? BugBear
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    Making wooden planes in India

    I didn't think that HSS was any good for forging? BugBear
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    High Speed Steel in an Old Plane

    Taking a step back, and looking at the wide range of blades I found, it appears that Mountford manufactured these blades for quite and extended period - it was not a brief marketing experiment. BugBear
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    High Speed Steel in an Old Plane

    British Newspaper Archive again: Sheffield Daily Telegraph - Thursday 17 April 1924 Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. BugBear
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    High Speed Steel in an Old Plane

    SPIERS WOOD PLANE WITH F MOUNTFORD AND SONS BLADE Auction date: Sep 20, 2014 10am BST BugBear
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    High Speed Steel in an Old Plane

    The HSS appears "laid on" (eBay item 232546236533 sold for 14 quid, 02 Nov, 2017) Laminated HSS parallel plane iron by F. Mountford & Sons, Sheffield (edge tool makers taken over by Tyzack in the 1950's). 2 1/4" wide, 7" long, approx. 5/32" (4mm) thick, 1 3/16" of life left. Very good clean...
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    High Speed Steel in an Old Plane

    They just keep coming!! The full 2'' cutter is marked REVILO LONG LIFE, and is a hefty 3/16'' thick. ... teel-brass BugBear
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    High Speed Steel in an Old Plane

    I found a Record #4 being sold on a Russian woodwork forum; look at the blade!!! BugBear
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    High Speed Steel in an Old Plane

    Tool bazaar have a MUCH later iron, judging by the way it's marked (lightly etched, like a modern tap or drill bit) ... -iron.html Good clean 2 1/4" wide, 3/16" thick HIGH SPEED STEEL parallel plane iron by MOUNTFORD, SHEFFIELD. Slight pitting in places...
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    High Speed Steel in an Old Plane

    May 1936 - description is now "Messrs. F. Mountford and Sons, Itd. machine knife and shear blade manufacturers of Wellford Works, 93, St Mary's road. Sheffield" EDIT; still working in 1950 BugBear
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    High Speed Steel in an Old Plane

    This looks relevant, from the British Newspaper Archive: Sheffield Independent - Saturday 08 December 1928 Note "machine knife" in the list of products. The same Archive shows they were still working in 1939. BugBear
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    High Speed Steel in an Old Plane

    Here's the blade from the auction: Pretty modern looking typeface (relatively speaking) BugBear
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    Krenovian Damascas Plane

    Are you sure there aren't glues that don't creep? I know that luthiers are pretty fussy about the issue, since instruments are under continual load from the strings, bowyers make laminated bows, and something like a structural glu-lam beam (clue is in the name) would be unusable if no-creep...
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    Furniture Research - Help!

    What?! You've obviously never heard people discussing kitchen surfaces (marble, granite etc) or which wood flooring to have! BugBear
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    Abrasive for lapping...

    Sometimes called the lapping paradox. You'd naively expect the softer material to wear more than the harder material, but in practise the abrasive embeds into the softer material (and therefore doesn't move relative to the softer material) and abrades the harder material. Thus, a cast iron lap...
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    Krenovian Damascas Plane

    The blade is hilarious - pure bling! It's Damascus, or at least pattern welded. Except the actual cutting edge, which is a laid on piece... Damascus (either kind) has some virtues for swords and knives, but none at all for wood working tools or razors. Silly. BugBear
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    Strange sharpening grinder

    A quick google shows temtool to be an Australian company. It appears they made microtome and guillotine sharpeners, as well as this wood tool sharpener. I found people asking for (and not getting) information on two Aussie WW forums. BugBear
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    How flat is your bench, musings on thicknessing , techniques

    The famous "dubbing of the ends". Lots of books (helpfully) tell you to avoid it. :D BugBear