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    CNC Routing Services

    You can send it to me if you want. We are in Hatfield heath as well, so very close
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    Had a visit from Festool today

    My lady visited about a month ago and was was doing her research on a new range of screws that festool may want to promote. I said they were no different from say spax screws. She also showed me some little plastic boxes they may distribute them in. They were a little small and only held about...
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    Had a visit from Festool today

    Had the same last Month, although I did get a visit from a nice German girl. Did I get anything - didly squat... You're thoughts were mine exactly. Valuable market research from someone like you who has spent a large fortune on festool. Oh well.. Mark
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    I bought a new saw

    Bob You have tidied up a bit... Geat saw.... Mark
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    Yellow pages - a good route to market?

    Just my two penneth. I get a lot through my website. Although I have spent a long time, years in fact (but no money) getting to the top of google in my area. Im usually very poor with typing (few posts since joining, But I visit every day) but if you google, say 'carpenter bishops stortford'...
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    Fitted wardrobe - advice/contacts needed

    Try these.... Its a new site being offered by screwfix seem to have all the bits, in all the colours you may need marky
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    Commercial workshop- My kit

    Question is Bob, Have you tidied up the little office at the back (if I remember rightly). Mark
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    Platform for ladders setup - where to buy?

    Just out of interest. If you pop into a travis perkins branch and pick up a copy of there 'builders magazine' I see that ladder set up advertised in its adverts section every month. Just dont have a mag at the moment, but there was a website...
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    Cutlist Widths

    just go into the settings menu... nominal sizes... and add your own sizes. I.e. a 25.4mm board that is still 25.4mm on the actual thickness.
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    online shop

    Havent used them, but I like their picture of their warehouse / shop on the home page. Especially since their address is Regents Street W1...
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    More Door Help, Please!

    try this ... g_Systems/ Mark (used them many times)
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    Elastilon vs the similar stuff from Screwfix

    Roger. I have layed with this product, glue down and nailed / screwed / secret nailed. All have their good and bad. Elastilon is good where you cant do the other methods, want a quicker easier result (and it is easy) or cant wait for dpm's to dry or the glue smell will bother. Much thinner...
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    Solid wood floor underlay

    Roger. Yes it does come with a starter sheet. I have to say that the starter sheet is plastic backed paper about the thickness of copier paper. You get what is probably 1 x A0 sheet which you can cut to 3 or four pieces. It is thicker than the backing on the elastilon / equivelent so pulling...
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    Atkins & Cripps

    They are now Timbmet. I have a trade account with them, well I had it with Atkins from when they were in Bishops Stortford, Order a load of oak a couple of weeks ago and they delivered it from Oxford to Ely then back down to me in Stortford. How stupid is that, they are saying they dont hold...
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    Solid wood floor underlay

    Isnt that funny. Hate doing it but just completing 155m of 18mm chinese oak floor into a mix of existing floor and concrete screed. Using Elastilon (thats what you're looking for) equiv from screwfix. It works really well. I have found that if you set up the first two rows and clamp then...
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    Benefits of immigration?

    I couldnt care less who lives in MY country. However as Momo said 1)Speak English as your 1st language. (while here) 2)Abide the rules and laws of this country, pay into it..... 3)Dont abuse our welcome. I thinks thats fair and its what anyone would want if I went to there home country. If...
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    2 questions about Mitre Saws...

    Lasers are usually a bit hit and miss. Dropping the blade onto the pencil line is usually much more accurate. I have had lasers on a couple of saws and they seem normally to be a gimmic and only help with rough alignment. Its a trust thing and I dont trust them. However...... I do have a Kapex...
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    Tooth implants - anyone had one done?

    Thats right roger, it as an instant implant as you say. The pin went into the socket left from one of the root prongs. However, the abcess was building up for about 3 weeks as I was in Scotland for a funeral. It was really bad luck as you say, as this procedure can be carried out straight...
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    Tooth implants - anyone had one done?

    Hi All. I have an implant, or rather just the pin. I had it fitted in april after a bad abcess meant losing the tooth. It was fitted (the pin that is) when I had the tooth out and all went fine. Now, I am led to belive that I should of had secondary antibiotics in the socket for a few days to...
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    Hinge routing jigs

    I have a couple of mdf jigs that I made. But in reality I chop them all out by hand and it's much quicker. Well quicker for me as I seem to end up hanging a lot of doors and I have got really fast at doing it. But if you dont do it a lot then I would reconmend a home made one. Marky