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    wet stone grader

    thanks gidon ,much appreciated
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    wet stone grader

    ive got a scheppach tiger wet stone.i was grinding some chipped chisels today and it seemed to take ages to take any steel off.ive probadly used to grinder to do about 30 sharpens. can i buy a grader that makes to wheel courser or does the grader just "re-true" the wheel.
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    irl never buy a hitachi cordless drill again,the chuck on mine either slips with hss drill bits or if im drilling out locks ect with spade bits it tightnens up that much i have to get the grips and stilson out to release the bit.the drills fine apart from that but its going to be makita or bosch...
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    American Power tools in the UK

    my mate has the same router,all he did was snip the plug off and put a uk 110v plug on it .think he struggled knowing which wire went where though.
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    Bosch Multipurpose Tool

    are the bosch blades compatible with the fein ?
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    Screwfix Discount

    cheers fellas,orderer my hitachi 18v li-ion combi drill yesterday(21st)came this morning at 9am !(22nd) £189-£20=£169=bargain thanks again steve
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    Woodworking stores in Orlando??

    or was it Home Depot,can`t remember,anyway they sell top branded tools
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    Woodworking stores in Orlando??

    theres a couple of Lowes stores dotted about,i went to one in Kissimmee just of the 192 (think it was that),there a bit like our b&q but better.
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    Slightly off topic - Concrete Mixers

    aldi are selling one at the moment for £150,dont know what its like
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    Tools insurance

    work mate got his van broke in to at work on friday,choppy,circular saw,drill,jiggy,and worsrt of all was his hand tools.he was parked on the road outside the site in a affluent area of Knutsford.he had no insurance.was thinking of getting a van myself but not now,there was 3 vehechles parked...
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    Paslode IM350 has broken down - opinions required

    im cis,not been 714 for years,infact i didnt think they were still going. i work for a joinery contractor with subs us out to who ever needs chippies.saying that,ive worked for them for nearly 2years and been subbed out to the same developer since i started with them.
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    Paslode IM350 has broken down - opinions required

    thanks for the great review stephen, i think you have made my mind up now to go with the passy,but for £200 i would of certaintly bought the senco like you did. it will have to wait though as ive just paid my tax bill £560,never seem to get anything back . regards steve
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    Paslode IM350 has broken down - opinions required

    judder you`ve done well winning that. i bid and won it a couple of weeks ago for £201 but it didnt reach its that price it worth giving it a go and its not as if its a unknown make,senco are one of the best.its great when you get a bargain,last week i won a skil hd 77 worm drive saw...
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    Paslode IM350 has broken down - opinions required

    hi judder, i was looking at a the senco on ebay,did you win for £200? the tool repair shop where i go recommend the senco 501cl to me ,they recon its better than both the passy and hitachi(totally slated the hitachi)it would be interesting if you could revue the senco when you have tried it...
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    Fixed base routers

    yea i used the same porter-cable supplier as you mark,they are based in wallsall and their actual name is Corroy,bought some template guides of them and the service was brilliant.I e-mailed Black & Decker like someone suggested and asked them for a list of porter_cable stockist in the uk seen...
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    Default 18v pin gun

    ive got the Dewalt nailgun ,which i think is excellent.i bought it from a supplier from usa called wakerdr(ebay)for £270 which inc p& scrit said it is a bit heavy but ive only been using it for skirts&archs so it doesn't tend to be in my hand for that long.The nails i think are cheap if...
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    Fixed base routers

    hi all new to this forum,mark h i have recently purchased a 19.2 cordless porter-cable router from ebay,and was wondering if you could give me the details of the uk stockist has would like some there accessories.cheers steve