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    Advice on how to remove "sharpie" writing on a guitar case please?

    If the surface is quite smooth you could try burnishing cream, it acts like T cut.
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    Is there any trick to make unscrewing easier from old wood?

    I have in the past got a piece of steel tube, filed some teeth on the end and used it like the plug cutter around the edge of the nail/screw. You can go right down the sides of the screw to the bottom, you will have to plug after though.
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    Longer open time than Everbuild 502

    I used to use Cascamite, but stopped a couple of years ago as it wouldn't mix properly and I just couldn't trust it. Have used Aerolite one shot since, which has been trouble free but I like to use PVA out the bottle for those smaller jobs.
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    Longer open time than Everbuild 502

    I usually use Titebond 3, but supply in this country seems to have dried up. What are the alternative's with a long open time?
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    Finishing old pine

    Osmo should work for you providing the preparation is good. Osmo Top Oil is designed to absorb deep into the wood, leaving a flexible, micro porous, waxed finish, which protects and maintains the natural beauty of the wood. It protects against normal household liquids including water, wine...
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    Advice needed on cleaning and reviving joinery in Victorian property

    Don't sand or use water. Furniture reviver is the best thing to use, it contains oils and spirits that should revive the colour and the fade. Apply with either a soft rag or 0000 grade steel wool (really fine), wipe and excess of and leave to dry for a couple of days before applying a good...
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    Colouring wood

    I've used Vandyke Crystals in the past, you can mix them to the required strength from anything from a light brown to dark rich reddish colour.
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    Rexon WG-180 wetstone

    Hi, could anyone please advise me of where I might purchase a new stone for my Rexon wetstone sharpening machine? I find it a really good tool, but the stone is getting really thin.
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    Choosing a scroll-saw. Why pay more? the answer is here.

    I had a Delta 18" variable speed scroll saw. It was a brilliant machine until the clamp head broke and i couldn't get a replacement. After numerous calls to America I eventually gave up and bought an Axminster with an even deeper throat - it was rubbish in comparison, so much vibration you just...