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    Customs declarations and brexit

    Why on earth did you think that ? The realisation of what UK has done to itself is only beginning to dawn on people. Boris was telling us all that the Australian system was great. A hammer and chisel holder cost me 40 pounds in duty, processing fees taxes. It fit in an A4 envelope. As an...
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    Coronet minor

    Probably imperial size. Get an imperial set on ebay
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    First import from the EU

    You don't pay vat on personal items. I brought some stuff into Ireland from UK. But it was useful to have this in writing before I went as customs on arrival did want to charge me as no one knew. The rules. Pulled out the email, then no problem
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    More Parkside rubbish! This time, a cordless chainsaw that's actually an Einhell

    Both are dangerous. There is an instant brake on the electric ones, it stops quickly. But when cutting it will do as much damage to you as a petrol one. Remember both need chain oil. I have both, for bigger trees I prefer the petrol but the electric is nicer to use. Less noise and vibration.
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    Best handle wood?

    I would use ash or hornbeam. You can get hornbeam in UK. Get ready to sharpen your tools.
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    First import from the EU

    Uk has left the EU. You will pay duty and VAT if duty is due. I bought something from Australia cost me duty, vat and clearance. You will not get any Greek vat back. Uk is now a third world country as regards EU. Its a nightmare.
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    Table Saws - Best on a budget?

    Don't buy a table saw. I have also small space. A track saw will do most of what you need fraction of space,uch better dust collection. Second hand corded ones available now very cheap. Also not as noisy. If you do want a table saw buy one of the old Elu flip over saws good condition. Lovely...
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    How to change career to woodworking

    I don't rent a workshop so I am limited in what I can do, but keeps expenses down and allows the numbers to work. I also operate from a car rather than a van. Easier to park cheaper insurance and put it in a rented garage every night so don't have to worry about tools being stolen. Over past two...
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    How to change career to woodworking

    Handyman multi trader is what I did. Gradually over time doing more woodwork as can pick jobs. But make sure you charge enough from day one. Look at my builder as a source of work.
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    Electric motor for planer

    It's an Emco Rex. Looking around for an Emco Star with or without planer. It's the chain drive one
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    Electric motor for planer

    My father has an old small 4 blade planner thicknesser he is passing on to me. It does not have a motor. Does anyone know what speed motor I need and approx size. Single phase of course.
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    Small woodworking combination machine

    Thanks my father has one in Ireland.
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    Parf guide system...undecided?

    You can make your own sizes when you want and how you want. Made a little customised one lately. Works well the Parf
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    Small woodworking combination machine

    Have a lot of the toys like track saw etc. No planer thicknesses or bandsaw. Was toying with the idea of picking up a second hand Emco Star or Kity K5. My father has an Emco. Space is very tight. Don't want it for big stuff. I know the Emco but do not know how it compares to the Kity K5. I have...