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  1. J

    Upgrade electricity supply to 3 phase

    100a per phase probably. Any larger then need CT metering
  2. J

    Mould on walls in chiller room?

    A chiller is basically what a dehumidifier is hence why its got a condensate drain. In larger installations the amount of dehumidification is controlled to suit the type of produce being stored as if excessive moisture is removed you get dessication/ drying of the produce etc - normally its...
  3. J

    Reinforcing loose wall plugs.

    I'd try the cotton wool and superglue trick Take the plugs out and pack the holes right with cotton wool and then apply superglue to the cotton wool, the thin type not the gel. It will react quickly and form a solid mass. It gets hot and may well give off fumes. Avoid breathing these! When...
  4. J

    Wood identification! Sorry.. looks like another...

    Good luck cutting it up and, if you manage to get it cut, be careful not to get any splinters off it. They are bad for going septic.
  5. J

    Festool CTL CLEANTEC MIDI Dust Extractor

    I've had a festool midi one for years the plastic bit for the hose cracked and so did the plug connection plate where you connect power tools. I gave a loan of it to someone a few years back and it was returned with a knackered speed control knob due to ham fisted borrower I think more than an...
  6. J

    Fuji HVLP systems - Who has what ?

    I've got a Q5. Not used it hugely on woodwork, I did spray some cabinets with it but mainly been using on car panels lately. Quite happy with it.
  7. J

    Cast iron fan light window- advice

    Normally when making up patterns shrinkage has to be accounted for as metal cools. If the frame is circa 6 foot long then shrinkage would need to be factored in.
  8. J

    Cast iron fan light window- advice

    I work with some architects in Edinburgh that do a fair bit of work in refurbishment of old buildings in Edinburgh such as Drummond Place, Atholl crescent and Melville St etc. I can ask them where they source such items if you want. I seem to remember new cast iron parts being sourced for...
  9. J

    Boarding loft and loft ladder advice

    I put one of the TB Davies Luxfold ladders in our house, I got it from toolstation. I thought it was pretty good.
  10. J

    Energy may go even higher

    I'm slowly getting the house insulated enough for ground source as I'm on oil but no point financially at the moment with the likely hikes in electricity costs coming our way. Even if I installed a GSHP with a pretty decent COP of say 4 or there about, it would still cost more to run than the...
  11. J

    What do you collect

    chemical elements Also have some comics etc - don't collect them (was given them) - have the first Beano Album and some other stuff like that.
  12. J

    best solvent for making shellac?

    I have just used meths. I have some absolute ethanol but have never seen any need to use it for shellac.
  13. J

    Suggestions for future heating system

    I would stick with the biomass short term and concentrate on insulating the place. Its worth doing heat loss calcs to see what size heat pump you need. Ideally if you can do the heat losses to BS EN 12831 as that's what the MCS installers have to base the sizing on. If you can and intend to...
  14. J

    Suggestions for future heating system

    The ground won't freeze unless someone makes an buttocks of sizing the boreholes. Freezing ground is a result of trying to extract too much heat out of the bores. Wet area with high water table is good as any water movement near the boreholes will improve heat transfer
  15. J

    Thread dies, question.

    He's not cutting it on a lathe he's cutting it with a die stock. Personally I open the die up slightly and cut it oversize and then drop the die back on grubscrews and fit the other thread. Get a better finish IMO but I'm sure there's more than one way to do it.
  16. J

    Thread dies, question.

    The stock should be 10mm diameter or slightly over for M10. You want a chamfer to start the thread and are best to use something like trefolex cutting compound or at least oil. Break the swarf off every half turn. You can open up the die slightly using grub screw in split and run the thread...
  17. J

    Sketchup Shop

    Bricscad Shape might be an option for some? SketchUp® to BricsCAD® Shape - Free 3D Modeling Software (
  18. J

    Mortar Joint Repointing

    I've been doing a fair bit of re-pointing this last week. I've been using a smallish dewalt battery SDS with a rotary stop and either a small chisel or a point. It will depend on what you are dealing with, I'm repointing roughly coursed ruble sandstone so the joints are quite wide in places...
  19. J

    How many poles in a motor?

    As above, not that I've had to check poles before but I recon you would need to take the ends of and get the rotor out of the way and have a good look at the stator to see if you can work out how many poles its got. Judging by the size of the pulley and the speed those things go at I would have...