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    Thicknesser & Planer/Thicknesser Help Please

    Thanks, but it doesn't have the outfield table. This one you feed the wood through it. I'm hoping there is another way to set them in a machine like this?
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    Thicknesser & Planer/Thicknesser Help Please

    Hi everyone, I've been wanting to make chopping boards for a while, and found someone selling a Clarke CPT250 local to me which I now own. Blades seem ok, but I've noticed it needs a blade setting jig to replace them which mine doesn't have. A previous thread on here (This One) shows someone...
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    New Member - Portsmouth

    Hi everyone, I'm from Portsmouth, and came across this forum while looking for help with my Thicknesser & a Planer/Thicknesser that I plan on buying. Most of the time I'm chainsawing wood & chopping it for firewood, but I also like to make things too. I consider myself amateur, but I'm happy...