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    Danckaert Dovetailer

    Thanks for the reply.
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    Danckaert Dovetailer

    Hi, I know this is a bit of an old post, but can I ask where the machine is located if still available please? Thanks.
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    Plastic multi spacer bars in double glazed units?

    Been getting duplex bars in black for years for plant ons, so I don't think it is a new thing at all.
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    Who has a LARGE bandsaw (midlands?)

    A big resaw like a stenner will lose as much material in the kerf as a thin kerf table saw blade, you would be better with a well set up standard band saw.
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    Advice required: Using MDF for frame & panel cupboard doors.

    Not sure where you heard this? MDF is still available in the US. There were restrictions put in place many years ago, but this had nothing to do with fibre size, it was restriction on formaldehyde in the glue/resin.
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    Startrite - Tilt Arbor Circular Saw

    Not bad saws, would expect to pay £400-500 for the basic saw, maybe £50 more if it had the extension bars wit it. For £650 I would want the extension bars and the sliding table, and wouldn't be looking to pay much more. cheers.
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    Plywood drawer joint?

    Domino! There is no woodworking problem which cannot be solved with a domino. Lol. It's the gaffa tape of the timber world. To be honest unless they are going to be subjected to a really hard life, then biscuits should hold up fine.
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    Non foaming PU glues.

    Thanks for the replies, the glue in the link is one of the ones I usually use, either that or the woodcare brand. The few times I've used gorilla glue it seems to foam like crazy, so did the elmers and hippo. Might go back to cascamite for profiled doors and just use the pu for shaker doors...
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    Non foaming PU glues.

    Does anyone have any experience of having used a pu glue that dies not foam at all? Just fed up with trying to clean up all the internal moulded corners of doors where the glue foams up out of the m+t and comes through the scribes, seem to waste a lot of time doing this. I tend to use pu instead...
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    Clear coat finish over eggshell?

    I am doing some mrmdf carcasses for a shaker faceframe kitchen, where the cabinet insides are going to be colour matched to the fronts. The cabinets are being sprayed in waterbased eggshell as are the face frames (although the top coat on the faceframes will be hand painted on site, the spray is...
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    Kitchen design help.

    Thanks Old, that's similar to the way I would normally lay out an island unit, although I don't tend to much as ornate as those legs. Ive done them some sketches, and I'm going to show them what options they can have. I'm hoping they go for legs just at the ends of the unit runs, otherwise...
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    Kitchen design help.

    Hi, I need to produce a set of drawings to show a customer for a hand painted kitchen. I said I would get them too them before Christmas (read Wednesday) but I am struggling a bit with the design. I got the enquirey through a previous customer who had a beaded face frame, sort of modern shaker...
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    Slab front drawers question?

    I think I was concerned more about the two surfaces being so flat and smooth that there would be potential for air pockets to form in the glue, a bit like an air hockey table. I suppose thin even glue application would eliminate that issue though. Thanks for the help.
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    Slab front drawers question?

    Incredibly sad, there's a longing in their eyes for the drawings they once knew!
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    Slab front drawers question?

    I don't really have any problems with the brief, although it's a little unconventional it is pretty straight forward stuff, and shooting in the doors with little relief angle will allow me to get a perfectly respectable shut line. My question was more about whether using standard mdf instead of...
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    Slab front drawers question?

    The client is infact an architect himself, to be fair he has produced some lonely drawings, I've never had so much detail in a plan. It is for his own house, in his office.
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    Slab front drawers question?

    I have a sample of the hinges already, they are 4" bearing butt hinges, brushed look. Strangely they are only 40mm wide, and are being set so that the back of the leaf finishes flush with the back of the door. There is to be a 30mm wide stopped groove in the hinge side of the door 30mm deep to...
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    Slab front drawers question?

    Hi guys, I've got some face frames for some built ins to make, pretty standard face frame construction, although no traditional beaded edge profile that's the usual. The problem I'm having is that the slab drawer fronts and slab doors are being specified as 36mm thick. I normally use MR MDF for...
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    spindle moulder question?

    Thanks deema, that explains things. Cheers,
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    Tormek T3

    I have always been someone who sharpens by hand, it's not that I'm a hell bent hand sharpening fanatic, I've just never felt the need to change my process. I tend to freehand with oil stones for honing, but I have a few waterstones of coarse grits for reshaping. Anyway, my coarse Japanese stones...