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    burgess bandsaw bbs20, blade and setup

    Hello, I recently got a bandsaw, three wheel tabletop, second hand. The blade is about 6mm wide. I am trying to cut maple wood 58mm by 20mm and I want to cut a scarf joint to create a guitar headstock. I want to cut an angle through the wood at 15 degree. The blade seems to twist almost. I...
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    plane, electric and silverline no4, flatten pine boards

    I did put some fill in there after gluing and down the centre as the edges were rounded off. I am guessing that is a no no. I don't think there are any nails in the wood but I will check again.
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    plane, electric and silverline no4, flatten pine boards

    Hello, Thanks for the response, there is a lot there to digest. I have this pine, cheap stuff from a building site. I have ordered a no 5 plane and now looking into setting them up. I would prefer the hand plane as it is cheaper, quieter and a skill to practice. The wood is a body blank for an...
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    plane, electric and silverline no4, flatten pine boards

    Hello, I am new here and want to learn more about flattening pine boards. I want to build a guitar and have some scrap pine as practice. I think that when I glued them I might have offset them slightly and it seems that one is slightly higher than the other. I have tried to flatten them on both...
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    grain filling, only uk method

    thanks for your replies. i think the wood i am using is oak. it was in a skip, large oak worktop. i want to spray paint it so the finish is not natural wood, one solid colour non transparent. i am not to fussed about seeing the oil. i just want a method to get rid of the grain. i sprayed some...
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    grain filling, only uk method

    Hello, I am trying to build a guitar. i have the body and it is fine, now i have to grain fill it. it is a practice piece and i have already removed a few coats of different things that dont seem to work. does anyone have a method of grain filling that is quick and as cheap as possible. please...
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    beginner - making a straight edge, bench hook, plane

    hello, i am new here and wanted to get some idea of how to do some wood working. i want to make a straight edge. i have a plane that requires restoring/sharpening. i have some wood, pine and mdf mostly. i would like to make a straight edge, it would be about 50 cm long, about 1 cm thick and 5...