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    Help me choose a domestic hot water tank

    I have an Akvaterm tank as part of a biomass setup. It's a 3000l thermal store but they do make them in the size you're looking for. I can't speak for the welding etc as the insulation comes pre-installed, but the build quality appears good and it's been in place for 10 years now with not a...
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    What ideas have you had for reducing Electricity consumption

    I've just ordered one of these on the pretense to do exactly that. If I'm honest, I just wanted a new toy but let's gloss over that! Where were the areas that surprised you? It may be useful to others who don't have access to a thermal camera if we can provide a list of the main offenders.
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    Pallet Wood

    Wherever possible, cut the nails, not the wood. Thats how the big repair companies do it, for several reasons. The nail heads can be easily popped out but the only real downside is that the blocks retain the shanks, which may or may not be a problem.
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    Dam% Damp

    I've tried several mould-killing/removing products, each with limited success. By far a better solution was just bog-standard bleach.
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    traditional jig for holding doors

    I've always just used sash cramps laid on the floor.
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    Planner Thicknesser Help

    I see you've already had a similar offer from Yojevol, but here's a second option if you need one. I'm near Berkeley if you can bring the oak down this way, you're welcome to run it through my planer thicknesser.
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    Sealey drill naming

    Afternoon all, Can anyone enlighten me please on the naming conventions of Sealey pillar drills. Anything ending with B is a bench version, F is floor, VS is variable speed, R for radial...easy so far. What about A? Seems to be only on older models - is that the same as what is now called F...
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    Suggestions for future heating system

    Thanks all, What a wealth of interesting replies. I couldn't have hoped for a better response, so thank you everyone for your thoughts. Insulation in the house is already pretty good - it was a pre-requisite for eligibility of the RHI when I installed the biomass boiler. Sure, there's always...
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    Suggestions for future heating system

    Hi all, I was hoping to canvas your opinions on what kind of heating system I should install in my house. I currently have a 40kW biomass boiler which provides all heating and hot water for a 6-bedroom 220m2 house. Happy to elaborate on the biomass boiler if anyone is interested, but the...
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    Fox F50-842

    Evening all, I'm looking at the Fox 850-842 dust extractor, but I want to fit it with a 1 micron cartridge. Does anyone know what size cartridge I'll need please - I can't seem to find the spec anywhere. Charnwood do 370mm and 500mm cartridges and I'm rather hoping that one of these is...
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    Planing end grain

    Thanks both. Fair comment, probably not the best description from me! But I think I now have the confidence to try it. Cheers.
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    Planing end grain

    Hi all, Is it possible to plane end grain on a planer thicknesser? Undesirable sure, but if I nibbled at it in small increments, can it be done safely? The piece I have is a sandwich of two one-meter-long, 5cm wide pine pieces on the outside and the "filling" of the sandwich is alternating side...