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    Shoulder plane.....and GLOAT update

    Nice plane Phil and Rob. 8) The best gloat on that picture though, is the fact that Rob actually has a sheet of perspex covering his chisels!! Not content with hiding them boxed away, he has to show them off even when not in use and keep them dust-free!!!! Blimey that's cool... :wink: :D Gary
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    Just how many faults are there?

    Blimey. I'd just shape the edges a little, smooth it up, oil it and mount it as an abstract. It looks lovely! :D Gary
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    Another quest for flatness

    Great job Andy! If only I had the time and patience... I just hope you get the hole for the Router lift right first time. I'd hate for you to have to start over :shock:
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    Alf's 10,000th Post Competition

    Email duly sent. All digits crossed [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< Gary
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    Thanks for the advice - drill/driver

    Hi all Not sure if this is in the correct section (if not I'm sure the mods will be on it pronto!) but just a big thank you to all who advised me before Crimbo on a decent drill driver for around the £150 mark. Decided to go with the majority and went for a trusty Makita MXT...
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    Pitch Pine Kitchen Worktops ?

    cool - not the nails you understand - the planing. So is it a reclaim-only material? And the density, is that due to aging or a characteristic of the timber? I assume this as I've never come across any pine that wouldn't wield to a fingernail :) let alone a decent plane iron. Could do with...
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    Fecn's Tiny Workshop Tour

    Excellent job there mate. It's pretty much the same size as mine is now after the extension (started 7x7 and now it's 7x18), only yours is near to finished. (I'm still using an extension lead from the house :oops: I actually feel quite ashamed that 6 months on and it still looks like a pigsty...
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    Pitch Pine Kitchen Worktops ?

    They look really nice. I'm going to be re-doing our kitchen doors and worktops later this year so that may help me too. If you decide to use it, please let me know how it works out. (Silly thing to say - I daresay there will be WIP's etc. #-o ) Running the risk of sounding a complete numpty...
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    VIDEO CAMERA - which one ?

    I use a Panasonic 'NVGS15B' I think is the model. Mini DV tapes, 24x optical zoom, 800x digital zoom (pointless!) and cost 300 quid 18 months ago, so if still available should be a good purchase. Small enough to go in yer pocket but not too small to handle (I have fairly big hands). Does the job...
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    FOR SALE - Bandsaw and P/T

    Thanks mate, I'll PM you later on when I find out if budget this month will allow (or if SWMBO fancies giving me an extra special pressie this year!:P ) and if I can beg/steal/borrow some wheels! In work ATM so gotta go soon. Gary
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    FOR SALE - Bandsaw and P/T

    Hmmm, can you hang on 24 hrs with the P/T Andy. 'Tis my birthday this month so I may be interested. God knows I could do with one!! :). Problem with transport, too (car, clutch, - she go BOOM!!), so I'll PM you and let you know. Ta muchly Gary
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    My Boat name plates

    " 'Tis'ard " to sail it, maybe? :oops: did i say that out loud :oops: couldn't resist :D Love the nameplates BTW. The top one is my fave, but if the plate were 'tother way round, or 'upside down' if you see what i mean. That way it would fit the shape of the boat nicely under the rail. Gary
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    Christmas day woodworking, or is it just me?

    Sadly not :( .... had to console myself with copious amounts of good red wine and Jack Daniel's (hic!) :occasion5: Merly Chrimbsmans Evrlyones!!! from Me :sick:
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    For Sale: Hitachi C7U2 Circular Saw

    Hehe, sounds good. Don't get up very often though, 2 or 3 times a year, but if I can next year I'll PM you and Matt when I do, and we'll try and arrange something. Get some others involved too :wink: Cheers Gary
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    Router Table completed at last

    Lovely job there B.B. 8) Is the top/fence MDF? If so what finish are you using? Reminds me that I really must get on with a router 'station' myself, and gives me some ideas. If only it wasn't too darn cold in the 'shop :( Thanks Barry. Gary
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    The UK Workshop Panto Presents ........

    Ah yes, but who would play the characters... #-o never mind :roll: I'm going... Story gets better, BTW. Well done. Gary
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    For Sale: Hitachi C7U2 Circular Saw

    Blimey, i'm feeling really nostalgic now!! The Bull, The Ainsworth Arms. Been in both of them many moons ago :occasion5: If someone mentions The Derby in Whitefield, that's it. College days revisited. It'll really set me off!!! :-({|= Next time I'm up that way visiting family, Ill have to...
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    Attention Firefox Users

    Thanks for that guys. YAY!! Walnut theme still works for it too :D :D (Great for us woodies that one :wink: ) Gary
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    Attention Firefox Users

    Thanks mate. Where did you upgrade? Do you have a link? Cheers Gary
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    Best cordless drill for £150?

    Thanks for all your help guys. Gives me something to work on. ColinC - Sadly I will have to wait for the new year. :( Let's hope their January sales are just as attractive. I'll be watching... Ta Muchly though. :) Gary