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    Planer / Thicknesser delivery

    I have purchased a new Hammer planer / thicknesser from Felder in Milton Keynes and I want it delivered to my home workshop in south Oxfordshire. Any suggestions on who could do this. It weighs 250KG and is on a pallet. I don't want it just dumped on the drive it needs to be manoeuvred into my...
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    Anyone recommend a finish for ash that won’t yellow?

    it's chestnut Acrylic lacquer, 2 coats with foam brush over one coat of the Acrylic sander sealer. Cut the sander sealer when dry with 320 grit, then good to go.
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    Anyone recommend a finish for ash that won’t yellow?

    Just finished a ash display cabinet, which is shown on this site. I had the same issue and was recommended to use Chestnut aqueous sander sealer and then the aqueous finish both applied with a foam brush. Looks great, won't yellow.
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    Alan Peters Dining Chairs

    Thanks for the comments, certainly got me thinking, never considered the contrasting timber might look dated even though the design is a classic. Really like the ripple sycamore idea that would be some statement.
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    Alan Peters Dining Chairs

    I am thinking of making six dining chairs using an Alan Peters design. The one with six ash slats in the backrest. Alan suggests using a contrasting wood for the main part of the chair. Would value opinions on what wood contrasts well with ash and is suitable for chair construction.
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    Side table for settee/armchair

    Sru, I think there knockout , do you have any plans that you would be willing to share ?
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    the top of the new cabinet
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    An english ash display cabinet which I finished this morning.
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    How to insulate a shed on a budget

    I think you need to answer the question, do I want to insulate this shed ? if yes then you need to do ALL of it, the walls and the roof. You are going to make an insulated box. Do this correctly and your tools will be dry and very little heat will be required to ensure no condensation. Buy...
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    Tmber, It's a work of genius designed by one. I have most of the accessories too and use it all the time. I don't have a router table and so far i have not needed one. what puts off many people is the fact it works like nothing else you have ever used and some just give up. Once you get...
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    UKW - Sharpening Bonanza Get Together

    Yes, please. Include me in. COLIN.