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  1. J

    Moving Workshop Advice

    Good morning all, Unexpectedly we are moving from our own family house in North Yorkshire back into rented accommodation. Due to my career we do move around a lot (roughly every 2 years) though on this occasion it was genuinely something of a surprise! This means I have yet another conundrum...
  2. J

    Kity 1637 Fence Upgrade

    I recently purchased and restored a Kity 1637 and largely it is now working beautifully. The one thing that evades me is the fence. I can't seem to get the fence to stay square even when set correctly. Does anyone have any advice on how to solve this problem or have any ideas for aftermarket...
  3. J

    Kity 1637 Help

    Hello all, I recently got hold of a good deal on a Kity 1637 and have been spending the last few days tarting it up a little as it had a very rusty cutter block etc. It's now planing beautifully and I'm very pleased with the machine, but there are two outstanding issues/ questions I'd like some...
  4. J

    Kity 437 restoration

    Yes - sorry typo!
  5. J

    Kity 437 restoration

    Hello all, I recently bought a Kity 637 (sorry typo in title) It’s in decent working order but could do with some love. There’s a few materials I need for restoration and I wondered if anyone had any recommendations for: 1) A decent colour match ‘sage green hammered’ type paint. 2) A...
  6. J

    Axminster P/T AW2260S

    About to pull the trigger on this machine as I've been looking for something good for a few week but haven't found anything suitable. I'm attracted by the spiral block for set-up time and noise reasons which are both important too me, but there's very few reviews. As far as I can tell from the...
  7. J

    Head torch recommendations?

    I can actually help with this one as I use them for a living and have tried a fair few different types. Unless for a very specific application (ie cave diving etc) I would recommend Petzl. I have found them utterly reliable in some absolutely appalling conditions. Personally I use the Tactikka...
  8. J

    Sub £1000 Planer Thicknesser

    As it stands my options are a new Metabo HC260 (£600) or a good nick Kity 637 (£920). There are a few low priced HC260 models near me but they all look in very poor condition and I’m running out of time as there are a few orders I need to get in for Christmas. Sadly I haven’t managed to find...
  9. J

    Sub £1000 Planer Thicknesser

    Hello all, I've joined the forum as I'm in the market for a new combination Planer/ Thicknesser and wanted to know if I was missing anything. At the moment I have a top end budget of around £1,000 which would have to include any delivery/ courier. I have just enough space for a floor...