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    Pax crosscut tenon saws

    I have a Pax tenon and Dovetail saws. IMHO they are ok but nothing special - if you look closely at the set of the blade it is a bit inconsistent (and a bit extreme) they need a bit of fettling to track true. I thought it was my sawing 'technique' that was off until I bought a LN dovetail &...
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    Damn you ParcelFARCE!

    I use SayNoTo0870 to find the *real* number of the delivery company depot. Has worked a treat so far. Particularly useful for Amtrak who always mark my parcels online with 'cannot find address' and then never answer the (0870 costly, redirected) phone. RP
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    Newbie question on timber

    First of all, in defence of SL Hardwoods, they are expensive for timber but what you get is generally of very good quality. That said, there are other suppliers out there who will supply you with PAR timber in other than 19mm. I know several people have had good experiences with British...
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    Thanks for the replies - I did as suggested and whacked the handle after engaging the tool business end on a block of scrap - no epoxy. A few persuading thumps with a mallet and it all looks quite secure. Scrums - I'm afraid I *did* waste a few pence on a brass ferrule :oops: - I'll just have...
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    Bubinga bowl

    That's a lovely bowl. I wish I'd made that much progress in my first week turning :cry: I still haven't moved on to bowls yet. RP
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    As a newbie turner I thought I out to get some practice by making at least some of my own tool handles, so I returned from Ally Pally with some handle-less Ashley Isles spindle gouges (1/4", 3/8" and 1/2"). Now I've turned ash handle #1 and am ready to fit the first spindle gouge shaft which led...
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    Yandles Self Selection centre

    Another vote for W L West. They bend over backards to help you and are happy to answer newbie questions, give advice etc. RP
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    Another one joins the Turning Slope...

    Mornin all.. Seems 'Lathe Luck' is endemic for UK Workshop folk at the moment.... After doing an intro to turning course at West Dean college the other weekend I realised I couldn't put off buying a lathe any longer. I am short of space so I was seriously considering the Jet 1014 mini-lathe...
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    woodworking stores in san francisco?

    Also the Japan Woodworker in Alameida just across the bay from SF. You'll need a car, though! Well worth a visit. RP
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    A workbench for a total beginner

    There's a very nice basic bench design in Fine Woodworking issue 181 (the last 'Tools & Shops' issue). Before you run away & hide, this is a very clever design built entirely from 2.5 sheets of 3/4 inch ply, plus a sheet of MDF for the top. Given that you don't need a planer thicknesser nor many...
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    A few bits & pieces

    Wow, I didn't expect such a great response! :shock: Sadly I didn't take any WIP photos of the jewellery box, but I have just glued up the base block to make another out of cherry to a slightly different design so I'll document the making of that one. For those interested, this is how I did...
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    A few bits & pieces

    I've recently completed a few things as presents for friends so thought it would be a good opportunity to post what I've been up to recently. First up is a candle holder in bubinga with maple detailing The closeup shows the maple plugs - I did these with a Veritas plug cutter; I think they...
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    Is American Black Walnut food safe?

    Further fuel to the fire, reproduced without permission from FWW July/August 2005 (knew I'd read about it recently): "Although walnut is a joy to work, its toxicity can do damage. The tissues in mature walnut trees contain the chemical compound juglone as well as other extracts that can...
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    Is American Black Walnut food safe?

    Certain species of juglans nigra produce a toxin called juglone, which is poisonous to plant life around the tree as it is growing, and I know that stables using wood shavings for horse bedding from sawmills etc won't use them if they have walnut in them. I'd keep the walnut for kitchen joinery...
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    Phenolic Sheet

    I noticed a while ago that RS Supplies now sell Tufnol, go to & search for 'Tufnol'. They do 10mm & 12mm but no 8mm. Not cheap though. :( No affiliations etc, just find them useful for lots of bits'n'bobs. Cheers RP
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    Making a knife drawer insert

    Advice please folks! I've been scratching my head over this one for the last few days and wonder if anyone has tackled something like this before. I've been asked to make a knife insert for a kitchen drawer to hold a bunch of those nice Global knives - just like this in fact: The...
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    Lattice grille

    I got a pair of Regency style grilles from Just Grilles ( who were helpful & quick to deliver. I am very pleased with the quality, but be warned they are a little pricey. I had previously bought a couple of grilles from SL Hardwoods but returned them as I was...
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    Heads up - littlerat on ebay with BIN.

    Drat! Spotted! Looks like a fine deal :D . Thanks to JimNoble for pointing it out. I've been looking for a second-hand rat for a while now. I can finally join the 'ratters club! Cheers RP
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    lucky me!

    Don't miss a visit to the Japan Woodworker, just across the bay from SF in Alameda. The staff are great, they have a huge range of very tempting japanese chisels & saws, as well as a good stock of Lie-Nielsen & Veritas stuff. Highly recommended. Slightly fun to find from the freeway if memory...
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    Black Locust available in UK?

    WL West ( stock Acacia. RP