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    Window cill advice

    Looking for advice for window cills for interior of conservatory. Would mrmdf be suitable it would it have to be uPVC ??
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    How to change career to woodworking

    How about making a few things to sell and see if you can bring in any commissions, ??? that's what I did. But I do have to do some house bashing to do the gaps
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    300mm disc sander advice needed.

    I had the same concern however mine seems fine, it does use the awkward Bristol levers which I find annoying but, great so far
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    300mm disc sander advice needed.

    mine arrived last week from Axminster, I bought the craft with the idea that if it wasn't up to par id exchange it for the trade version, but in all honesty I'm very impressed. Takes an age to stop but the cast iron top is square to the sanding face so I had no complaints
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    Kitchen fitting

    how have i not seen these before ? great shout. I usually run a baton along the back top edge of base units to screw straight through into any timber behind plasterboard.
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    New workshop for 2020

    Cracking project, well done
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    Pocket holes in a 2 x 4

    MK1 eyeball, just free hand it. As for screw length butt the joints together and lay a couple screws across the line they would take and measure what your happy with
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    Accurate mitres and bevels.... Which saw?

    Took delivery of the Kapex 60. First thoughts are im well impressed, excellent quality in terms of build and cutting ability, smooth action and the angle finding jig is excellent, no more compass and pencil on site. I'll pick up a second blade for use on the proper quality woods I use in the...
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    Accurate mitres and bevels.... Which saw?

    Cheers all, I think the Kapex is a must especially as it gets used out on jobs not just the workshop and it has to be better than the current makita, although it has served me well enough for 14 years. As for the table saw, I've decided why not, it gets used most days and at the very least...
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    Accurate mitres and bevels.... Which saw?

    Yes and has been used regularly but I'm in a position to upgrade tools through the business so I figure why not. I dont mind using the shooting board btw but the amount of blade deflection off the mitre saw is ridiculous and the table saw is pretty much only useful for ripping poorly
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    Accurate mitres and bevels.... Which saw?

    Neither my current table saw or mitre saw are delivering accurate miter/bevel cuts no matter how much Ive tried to tune them up (Axminster ts200 and cheap Makita mitre saw) so the question is will the festool kapex 60 deliver the accurate cuts I'm after, or a new table saw ??
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    Bob's latest kitchen

    lovely work
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    making ruobo style bench

    nice work, I put a leg vice on my new bench using a an old tail vice screw. Works well but not particulary smooth operation. The vids Ive seen of the benchcrafted vice look really well made and smoothly operated, maybe in future bench.
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    Blanket chest completed

    No, i meant that used twin mortice and tennons and a dowel through the BBend to pull to a tight fit.
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    Toy box / blanket chest.

    good job, I like the painted finish. Why not make another in hardwood and put your own spin on it?
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    Blanket chest completed

    I actually used a plough plane initially to get the depth /width and a shoulder plane to do a little clean up. I left a small expansion gap each side and bevelled the face edges. The panels are 18mm which i divided into 3 for the tongues . Hope that helps
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    Blanket chest completed

    Cheers Mike, yeah once the new hinges arrive I'll be planing those edges clean.
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    Blanket chest completed

    So before lockdown I started my first attempt at a proper furniture piece for the new house. We decided on a blanket chest to sit in a bay window, so I set about milling up some 30year old Ash I got for a ridiculous steal. I went through the usual milling of the boards through the bandsaw...
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    Good lord what a workshop!

    YouTube workshop workers I call them
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    Do things have to be millilitre perfect?

    For me yes and no, it depends on the project, for example if I make a carcass for an alcove I might design the size to be 600mm wide X 300mm deep X 700mm high,whilst I might be not be bothered if the finished size is +- a couple mm it's important that the cuts are repeatable and accurate to each...