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    (More) Kity 419 Saw mods

    Not been here for a while and hadn’t realised my old post had been added to. Am glad to see that it has been helpful. Mine is still serving me well. regards, Colin
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    For Sale Birch ply. aero ply 1.5mm

    This would be of interest to aircraft home builders and restorers if it is actually aircraft grade. They will snap it up. I have messaged you. Colin.
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    Table saw v Track saw A bit of advice please

    I have a small Mafell track saw and a small Kity 419 table saw. I find they are both indispensable but for different jobs. The track saw is great dealing with sheet goods, but the table saw with various jigs does a lot of joinery work the track saw cannot. You won’t regret adding a track saw...
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    9m x 3.7m Workshop + Office - Header Design

    Hi, I think you are heading in the right direction in talking to the authorities, they are very likely to help you come up with a scheme that suits everyone.
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    9m x 3.7m Workshop + Office - Header Design

    Hi, I faced similar issues a few years ago, I have a couple of thoughts to offer. Building within permitted development rules seems to force a compromise in the design and usefulness. The process of getting planning permission for the building is not onerous, nor is it expensive. I would...
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    Scheppach HMS 2600 ci

    NMA Agencies were the importer of those NMA Tools – Powertools for Carpentry, Woodworking, Farm & Garden I have the HMS260 it’s a great machine. if it’s a drive belt you need there are other sources. regards, Colin
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    Found Wanted - Carving tools

    David, the postman just dropped them off. I now have an excuse to go to the workshop for a bit of honing and to build a rack for them! thank you, Colin
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    Workbench design choice..

    I built mine with a split top and find it really helpful as I can put clamps in the split. I used the plans from here: I used decent quality pine 4x2s for the whole thing. It can be disassembled if I ever need to move house. It would...
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    Found Wanted - Carving tools

    they would be ideal, have messaged you. regards, colin
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    Found Wanted - Carving tools

    Hand carving, gouges really. I have found a few on EBay that were worth buying but still looking.
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    Found Wanted - Carving tools

    Sorry about the delay in replying. I am looking for gouges for heavier work. Those look really nice for fine work but not suitable for me. Thanks, Colin
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    Workbench Build - Split Top Roubo (Sort Of)!

    In case anyone is thinking of going the Roubo route there are plans here that I followed to build my bench which are very good and free. regards, Colin
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    Found Wanted - Carving tools

    Hi, I am looking for a few more carving tools to widen my choices. If anyone has any decent quality tools available, old or new, please send details. regards, Colin
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    Home made Round Tenon Cutters

    Hi, I made one but I don’t see why it couldn’t be adapted to straight tenons. Instead of a taper all the way through, the hole could be straight apart from a lead-in and the blade shaped accordingly. It took a little bit of adjustment to get the cut right, but I am very pleased with mine.
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    Sold Scheppach hms 260 Planer thicknesser

    I have the same model, have used larger Kity and Axminster P/Ts and mine is much better. The rubber feed rolls are good and don’t mark the wood. Mine works fine on a 13A socket in my workshop which is 50m from the consumer unit. Have used in several locations and never needed a 16A connection...
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    HVLP spraying

    Hi all, Thanks, the comments pretty much echo my concerns. I think perhaps brush or roller is the pragmatic solution. Finding some of those resistant to the solvents is difficult. Thanks, Colin
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    HVLP spraying

    Hi, I wondered if anyone has any advice to offer on HVLP spray systems. I have never used one but am thinking about diving in. The main reason is that myself and a couple of friends have been rebuilding and fabric covering a wooden aircraft wing and it’s time to paint it. We will be using...
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    Workbench Top

    I recently made my second and probably last bench which is a split top Roubo which does everything I need of it, but it was a lot of work. My first I made in the early 1980’s. It had a double thickness 3/4” birch ply top edged in timber and it is still doing service in a friend’s workshop. I...
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    Auger Bit Braces: second hand prices

    You mean like this? ... drill.html and ... 3-jaw.html I bought a Stanley brace in perfect condition along with a set of twelve bits in a canvas roll for £25 recently. I already had a brace and bits, but I couldn’t...
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    Vise advice

    Hi, No experience of the ones you mentioned, but I suspect that they all come from the same factory. York in the Czech Republic seem to be making for a number of vendors and badge engineered for some upmarket brands. I used one of their LH threaded screws for my wagon vice, very pleased with...