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    3/4" Impact Sockets - Recommendation Request

    I've got a mix of ones from Machine Mart and Halfords. Never had an issue with any of them. They're all black impact ones. I have occasionally used the silver regular ones - only when I didn't have the size required in the black impact ones, but for modest torques. Both Machine Mart and...
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    EGR valve

    For passenger cars (and vans with the same engines) usually 2 causes: 1. There is a leak in the intake piping from the turbo (if it's turbo charged) to the intake itself, after the air mass meter, so the air is leaking out and the ECU is effectively over fueling the engine. VAG brand diesels...
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    The things your parents said to you...

    Sadly they said the opposite & I wish I hadn't listened - but thankfully it didn't last.
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    Running cables behind dot and dab plasterboard?

    I bought one of these a year ago - Cracking bit of kit. Available on the Bay & Amazon.
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    Tree Preservation Order and dead trees

    It's somewhat perverse - a dead tree, it's hardly a difficult to diagnose medical condition that requires test, etc. Yet the latter would be how the council seem to be behaving. It is possible they've had folk try it on in the past and therefore want someone to be held liable if it's a...
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    Recommend a PCB printing service?

    A few years back I needed some small custom PCB's and used OSH Park ~ cheap as the proverbial chips. Turned up about 10 days later (free P&P).
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    Metabo SXE450

    Right handed from looking at
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    Joke Thread III

    "Watching some people with management, is like watching a cowpat in reverse - desperately trying to get home."
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    Been using ProtonVPN for our "TV box" - it's been running faultlessly for over 6 months and it's free. The Free tier has less Points of Presence than the paid tier, but it doesn't bother me. I don't use any of the apps etc - just the certs installed and using OpenVPN client.
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    I tend not to put a VPN "app" on a laptop but use a Mango V2 pocket router, put the VPN on that - it's what it's built for - and just connect my laptop to that. Never any issues. They're (or were) around £20.
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    Don't Always Believe the Internet.

    Lesson learned. :) In my defence - I would say in all my years of tinkering with cars, my experience is that (body) electrics are broken down into subsystems, receiving their power from 2 main "buses": permanent power or an ignition live one and components having their own ground (and...
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    Don't Always Believe the Internet.

    Same here, along with torque settings (where important\relevant) and wiring diagrams.
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    gotta say........

    You mean my local Stihl dealer? Probably not - but I'd help a fellow out assuming what you want isn't the size of a suitcase. ;)
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    Don't Always Believe the Internet.

    Touch wood - never had any issues with the lights etc. I think I've replaced all the bulbs in the car - she's had it for 7 yrs now. But I fit Quantum brand bulbs (which is the VAG brand & what dealers fit) and found them to be very reliable. Having a trade account and paying very little per bulb...
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    gotta say........

    Not too long ago, I needed some Stihl parts (service kits etc) and checked on Google & eBay and also rang my local (commercial dealer) and his prices beat online out of the water. Popped over and even more surprised when he gave me the invoice - 22% discount. Been back since and must have got...
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    Don't Always Believe the Internet.

    Mrs reports that the rear wiper on her 2011 VW Polo stopped working. So I had a quick Google and the candidates were. 1. Blown fuse 2. Dead wiper motor 3. broken wires in the bundle near the tailgate hinge where they exit the tailgate and enter the main body. in order or...
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    Low Voltage Cut Off

    You can either put one on each cell which stops it dropping below 1.2V (I think) or you can do something across the lot. The ones that go across each cell - depending on the cell dimensions - you can buy ready made of next to nothing. The usual suspects sell them - eBay, Amazon, AliBaba, etc.
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    Gas safety check on rental property. How much?

    Let me start by saying I don't doubt the expensive training, the unpaid time off and the cost of kit etc. And stuff has to paid for - van, phone, training, subs etc. But no gas engineer has kit (roll cab, tools, timing tools that only work on one brand\model) running into 10's of thousands if...
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    Grammar Post

    "My team (or other group noun) and myself did....." I've learned to roll my eyes invisibly every time I hear "myself" used in that way. :rolleyes:
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    export to kenya - any advice?

    Or look it up on the websites of the likes of UPS\Fedex. The upside of using them is if there are\were any duties, you'd know upfront and could elect to pay them