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    Labelling system

    This is what my better half uses for her fabric crafts as it can print on ribbon. I have purchased some black-on-white tape for it and I am allowed to borrow the printer if I ask nicely.
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    Digital Calipers

    I didn’t go cheap or expensive (to me). I’ve been happy with these which came with a calibration cert and have good reviews:
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    Dowel jig

    Exactly, within reason. I’ve heard of people using a slightly undersized drill bit for their 5mm shelf pins to ensure a snug fit. But as mentioned in my reply to the OP, I don’t run the risk of sloppy holes (ooh err) as I don’t use my ‘multi-hole puncher’ for drilling shelf pin holes.
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    Dowel jig

    I have the ‘multi-hole puncher’ that’s been mentioned in this thread, but I use it for dowel joints with either the 6mm or 8mm drill guides. Not thought to use it for shelf pin holes as a) I would need to order some 5mm drill guides, b) the holes produced using the drill guides may be too sloppy...
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    Model engineer workshop

    Did a bit of Googling - there mention of a “Countershaft clutch for the Myford ML7” in the forum the link below goes to: Mentions the June/July 1991 issue. Any help?
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    Saw identification

    I stand corrected.
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    Saw identification

    Warranted Superior (it’s a brand) steel back tenon saw (12”?) I would imagine. Google gives a number of results.
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    Help me find a new utility knife

    Closest I can find with a lock near the front of the handle: Not a utility knife like your’s from Asia and with a specific replaceable blade.
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    Metal disc tokens

    Another place to look is Etsy - search for “metal makers disc”.
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    This might frighten some of you...

    I found SSS to be a bit of fresh air in the charts back in the ‘80s. I have the 12” of Love Missile F1-11 in my eclectic music collection.
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    Sold Workshop Machines - ALL NOW SOLD

    I would be interested in the sash clamps (to the left of the morticer) if they are available and the size/price can be advised.
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    Parkside track saw

    Peter Millard mentions Mikita replacement splinter guard in his Tracksaw Workshop series of vids. There a link in the description of the video below: If I remember correctly I also think he mentioned in a video that you could take the splinter guard off, move it across a bit and then recut...
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    Cyclone Dust Separator Box

    Made a cyclone dust separator box - sides/bottom 12mm ply, top 18mm MDF. Hooked up to my Wickes 20L vac. Will be adding a HEPA filter to the vac and a longer hose (Cen-Tec probably) for the tool later.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Workshop storage for two dowelling jigs I acquired from @Puggers recently. Not great quality 12mm ply with 6mm MDF tops (with magnets to keep the tops in place). Haven’t decided if I should paint or apply a finish. Any suggestions?
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    Sold Wnew Dowelling Jig and Puncher - Full Set-up, Brand New and Unused

    Hi Puggers - I am interested. Will send you a PM.
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    Vertical bike storage?

    I use a version of the 2nd example you mentioned, with the back wheel/tyre resting on the ground. Having the back wheel on the ground for the 11/13 year old may help as the weight of the bicycle is already supported while they manoeuvre the bicycle off the hook?
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    Looking for Hooked on Wood's drill press and miter saw station

    Hi - I’ve just tried the link on the website and it downloads the file. I know the website was recently changed/updated. Maybe try again? I found the link at Shop Improvements > Drill Press > Drill Press Platform.pdf Is that the file you’re looking for or has he altered the contents but kept...
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    UK alternative to pipe clamps?

    Your profile doesn’t show your location but when I was looking into pipe clamps I found this pipe supplier mention in forums. Based in the West Midlands. The two main pipe diameter sizes look to be available along with coupler fittings where you could, for example, join pipes together to make an...
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    Parkside router!

    I have that router but it didn’t come with an exclamation mark. It has done all that I have asked of it for light DIY - round overs and channels. Purchased a 12pc set of 8mm shank S&R router bits (216 901 012). Also I take, where appropriate, several passes to get to the required depth/shape.
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    Are 1/3 sheet pad savers available (UK)?

    I guess they are not a thing then. Will investigate making my own.