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  1. John on the Wirral

    Cleaning abrasives

    If you don't let the abrasive too clogged switch it on and run a wire brush across it
  2. John on the Wirral

    Dog Proof Clear Finish on Mahogany

    Hi, One of my neighbours has asked me for advice on open hardwood stair treads. The existing finish is getting badley scratched by the dog. I have advised her to go for a two-pack as I feel it will be harder but think it only comes in gloss finish and she would like semi-gloss. Have I advised...
  3. John on the Wirral

    A little truth for a change.

    It is very audacious of mankind to think we have the ability to take on the power of nature. What has gone for millions of years will not be stopped. The best we can do based upon our improved scientific knowledge,is aim to make the air we breath healthier. "Net Zero" is simply an ego trip for...
  4. John on the Wirral

    Are EV's good value? Apparently not!

    Nothing new then. The first cars were electric but only the well-off could afford them hence the advent of cheap motoring ane the ICE - Henry Ford et al
  5. John on the Wirral

    Rutlands Warning!

    I used to buy cheap tools from China and had an enormous "Littlewoods - size" catalogue which sold every thing from knickers to knockers. I recognised many high street products which were unbranded eg. Halfords battery chargers etc. Nothing new about the practice
  6. John on the Wirral

    Are EV's good value? Apparently not!

    Hi, Even though I run a plug-in hybryd I do not see see full EV as the future under existing technology and yes, I too have never understood why the local shopping car market has not been hit. As a retired DT teacher we developed hybrid and full EV vehicles for competition - endurance and hill...
  7. John on the Wirral

    Teak Oil

    Thanks for that - I shall continue to maintain the beautiful colour of Burma teak. What would happen if I finished off rubbing wax into the teak to really waterproof it! Cheers John on the Wirral
  8. John on the Wirral

    Teak Oil

    I have just finished a teak outside table with teak oil. The teak drank drank three coats. How many coats are needed to protect the teak as I don't intend putting a cover over the table - condensation etc Any advice welcomed Cheers
  9. John on the Wirral

    Your Cars

    I have always liked playing with cars - built kit cars,customised 'em and finally restoring my classic Riley RM which I owned for twenty five years. I enrolled on a City & Guilds panel beating course which made me go out on a winters night lugging a wing with me to use the super machines we had...
  10. John on the Wirral

    Just to stir the pot, has anyone noticed...

    PS:- They have just demolished our local primary school to build dozens of "cookie cutter" houses. The school was built at the turn of the 20th century so was solid and big with large playing fields. Substantial throughout with speckle painted walls.wide corridors etc. ie built to last but now...
  11. John on the Wirral

    Just to stir the pot, has anyone noticed...

    Thie issue relating to the deterioration of public buildings like schools started down the slppery slope when they invited money focussed building companies to take over the ownership and rebuild of schools/hospitals. I was in secondary education all my life and watched our local schools being...
  12. John on the Wirral

    URGENT - please read this - scam alert

    Joking apart, if you answer a question incorrectly eg mother's maiden name and they accept it put the 'phone down.
  13. John on the Wirral

    Conservatory lock / hinges lubrication

    Graphite powder has always worked well for me. I tend to spray throught he "key hole" but also rub it into the key itself and that works
  14. John on the Wirral

    Vintage drawing set. . .

    Spray on flock? Maybe a bit tacky though
  15. John on the Wirral

    De-rusting taps and dies

    We used to leave things like that in a can of diesel
  16. John on the Wirral

    import from japan.......

    In the distant past I imported cars and,in fact, wrote a little book on how to do it having researched throughout Europe on a long camping holiday one summer. There were companies in those days in Dover who did all the the necessary changes to European cars for you. I soon came to the conclusion...
  17. John on the Wirral

    Speed Awareness Course

    My son was driving my Kia Niro PHEV on the M6 recently and I was a passenger. He was demonstrating how autonomous the car was and it was - possible to drive no hands,no feet. The car,of course told him to get his hands on the steering wheel as it is not legal but it was impressive until a...
  18. John on the Wirral

    Wood Fillers

    Many thanks for that suggestion. Never gave that a thought but I do seem to remember being given a dark brown stick - like a wax crayon- when having a large wall unit delivered and they knocked the corners off in the '70s.
  19. John on the Wirral

    Wood Fillers

    I am planking a small static model boat wiil need to produce suitable wood fillers to "caulk" the joints. I have never managed to mix fillers of the correct colour. If I carefully collect up the fine sanding dust to mix with what? I have tried PVA glue but can never get the colour dense enough...
  20. John on the Wirral

    Not happy - Tin pot council officers who can issue fines.

    These council money trees are very annoying and I would wish to contest it but I think I would pay the £35 first and then contest it but this could be a waste of time but at lesst you would have got it off your chest.