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    AC400 Record Power air filter - not working

    You can try to remedy this by opening it back up (Or lifting up the glued on front to check) and checking that the reciever diode has not ended up behind the metal plate, but sits in the little punched opening. Especially on older versions of the board it can bend out of position when installing.
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    Tips for threading

    It very well might be beech. You could try soaking it in oil for longer, a few hours, which could help. Backing out of the cut if you meet too much resistance and resetting/clearing out the cutter can also help.
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    Tips for threading

    I assume this is a pine or similar soft wood dowel? I would avoid anything soft, you want relatively hard and dense for threading with these kits. Beech or birch works great.
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    Just bought my first band saw (bargain)

    It could also be a case of the blades being used incorrectly (if they came with the saw used), check if the set on the teeth on one side are flat.
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    V-cutter for rotary tool?

    Manpa is actually a Korean company but it looks like they have a UK distributor at This is probably the one you were looking for? MP21-24-DCT Manpa Mini Carving Bit - Triangular Type With 1/8" Shank