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    Rutlands DK6680 Air Filter fault – can anyone help?

    Thanks Jack, that’s an interesting thread but unfortunately I’m electronically challenged and most of it goes over my head. I now have a spare circuit board for my machine but I wouldn’t be able to do anything with it. But thank you for your interest.
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    Oil finish for outdoor oak table Hi Simon, I've used this for external doors and gates. I usually put 3 coats on, you'd probably need a day between coats.
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    Rutlands DK6680 Air Filter fault – can anyone help?

    Thanks Blister for the suggestion. I don’t have any new batteries to try in the remote but it seems to work fine as do the buttons on the machine itself. I’ve just given it a good blowout. Not a lot of dust in there really, it’s only 3 years old but worth a try. Thanks. @MorrisWoodman12 , I’m...
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    Rutlands DK6680 Air Filter fault – can anyone help?

    I’ve just checked and I get the same results by using the ON/SPEED button on the box so I don’t think it’s the remote at fault. It starts off at low speed, at MID the hum gets a tiny bit slower and at HIGH it goes back to low again.
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    Rutlands DK6680 Air Filter fault – can anyone help?

    Thanks for that Rob, I will try it out in the morning.
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    Rutlands DK6680 Air Filter fault – can anyone help?

    I was very happy with my Rutlands DK6680 until recently. It’s fairly quiet so doesn’t drown out the radio and deals with the dust well, but now it will only run on slow speed and I need the high speed when I'm using the machines. I told Rutlands and they suggested I buy a new circuit board from...
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    Whats this wood??

    It looks like Iroko to me
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    Where do they get it?

    It looks like Douglas Fir to me, which is available in the UK
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    Luna Master W-59

    Hi I have the manual for W59/W69 and there is a wiring diagram. Do you want the single phase or the three phase? PM me with a fax no. or email address and I'll send it to you. You can also get parts from EJCA Verkstads AB P.O. Box 714 S-331 27 VARNAMO Sweden +46 (0)370-301630 PHONE +46...
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    Help: Bearing removal on a Union Jubilee lathe

    Miles PM sent Cheers Malcolm
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    Another computer question

    Just like to thank everyone for their help. Real life has suddenly got in the way so I won't be able to try out any of your ideas for a few days but I'll get back to you when I get the chance. Cheers Malcolm
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    Another computer question

    Hi John It's a Packard Bell Easynote SW51-120 with XP Cheers Malcolm
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    Another computer question

    All this computer talk has prompted me to ask if anyone can solve my particular problem. My laptop cannot find my cd drive - it is not listed under My Computer and I'm unable to use it. Although when I boot up it refers to it because the light flashes on momentarily. Any ideas anyone...
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    1" x 10 tpi Expanding Chuck supplier needed

    Hi PeterSk and Parvum, Thanks a lot for the quick answers - I'll be following them up tomorrow Cheers Malcolm
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    1" x 10 tpi Expanding Chuck supplier needed

    Hi everyone, I wonder if someone could help me. I have an old Union Jubilee lathe which I've had a long time but not made much use of. I'm now trying to devote a bit more time to it and looking to make some bowls. I've just tried to get an expanding chuck from Axminster but they couldn't...
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    Festool TS 55

    Yes I've had mine sharpened after hammering it by ripping some 3" sawn long oak boards from both sides. Came back good as new. Anton Saws at Collingbourne Ducis, Wilts. Cheers Malcolm
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    pane size

    At a guess it is either a) Use the golden section - i.e. if the width is 1 then the height is 1.618 b) Make a square from the width and the height is the diagonal of the square, which results in a shorter pane than (a) Cheers Malcolm
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    FWW, F&C and WW magazines FOR SALE

    I have the following magazines for sale Fine Woodworking from issue 1-199 (3 or 4 missing) 196 of them from 1975 to 2008, £30 Furniture & Cabinetmaking from issue 5-122 and a couple later, 120 of them from 1997 to 2006, £20 Woodworker - random issues between 1977 and early 1990's...
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    traditional slotted steel woodscrews availability

    This could be the answer: ... crews.aspx Cheers Malcolm
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    Sash windows

    Hi Mark What in particular do you want to know? In the meantime you may like to read this blog that was written about the making of a sash window ... -results=7 Cheers Malcolm