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    Safe disposal of an unusual nail gun

    If it is still in working order then it sounds to me like it could be a saleable item, especially considering the new Hilts ones cost around £500. Why destroy it when someone else could make use of it? Advertise it on ebay and see what happens. K
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    Rats in a trap...

    I read online ( so it must be true) that rodents can not fart. So if they ingest something like sodium bicarbonate mixed with a bait such as penut butter, then they will die from a build up of internal gas. The article also said death would be more rpid than death by poison, and of course if the...
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    Rats in a trap...

    What do people think about killing grey squirrels? They are vermin too, not a native species, and they carry disease that affects our native red squirrels. They look much cuter than rats but can be very destructive. Just wondering. K
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    Advice Please- Table Saw Push Sticks and Disks

    Point taken regarding the language issue. Not trying to be superior etc, just helpful. I would rather point out these things though than assume OP is competent. We have all seen pictures of nasty things a table saw can do. Mine still gets full respect from me, which is perhaps why I still have a...
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    Advice Please- Table Saw Push Sticks and Disks

    What concerns me here is the OP doesn't know what the saw blade is called - 'discs'? That implies a lack of overall knowledge about the use and (most importantly) safety issues associated with a table saw. I would suggest the OP correct this - books, reliable videos (many US youtube videos show...
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    Rutlands chuck on offer

    Hi all, just a thumbs uo - Rutlands have an offer (ending in a few days) for their 75mm chuck plus 5 jaw sets for £120. I have the 100mm verison and it is fine. Thread is 1" x 8toi only, adapter supplied for other threads (but mine has some run out using the adapter), the chuck however is very...
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    Old Wolf Drill and Combination Machines

    I still have my Black and Decker D500, with circular saw and sander attachments, and vertical drill stand. I also have a Wolf as in OP and a Bridges Neonic, although the latter two are more recent acquirements. Finally I have the ML8 but none of the extras. I only stopped using my ML8 when I...
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    Myford ml8 help please.

    I failed to remove the spindle on mine when I first had it and needed to replace the drive belt. I felt I was in real danger of breaking the headstock casting. I bought a link belt instead. K
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    Vintage Tap & Die Set.

    Very nice. And you found them while sorting out hard drives? I must take a look inside a couple of old desk top computers I have in the attic, I might find some sets in there - or something equally unexpected. K
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    Have any dumb dreams?

    I find some of my dreams are not so much scary as really STUPID. Such as discovering a new road into the local town, round the edge of a mountain, then up someone's garden path, turn left in their kitchen and out through the front door - all while driving the car. Or another favourite, going...
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    What is wrong with tradesmen?

    Slightly off topic but getting someone to contact you after they have promised to do so is not just an issue with tradesmen. We recently tried to change our internet provider - I need not go into the details of the number of people we spoke to who would 'get back to us'. You can guess the rest. K
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    Myford ml8 parts for sale

    Hi, are these still available please/ K
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    Rutlands chuck deal

    Hi all, just a thumbs up. Rutlands 100mm scrollchuck with about 6 jaws sets for £150. I bought a set about a year ago and they seem fine. I paid £200. They only come in 1" x 8 pi (I think) but an adaptor is included. I was disappointed in my adaptor because of run out but it was the only one I...
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    Simple milling using a pillar drill - is it possible?

    I tried a sanding drum in my Axminster pillar drill and within a very short time the chuck dropped out of it's taper. I did the same as a previous post said, and fitted a bearing below to support the sanding drum and reduce lateral forces but in the end I just bought an oscillating sander when...
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    Joke Thread 4

    I was told it was to do with the assassination of president John F Kennedy, at a time when Don Mclean was supposedly a newspaper delivery guy at the time. No idea if it is true. Your story might be more accurate!! K
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    What is the best Emulsion paint ?

    Not quite answering your issue but I thought people might be interested. I wanted to cover a wall painted in orange (why would anyone do that?). I had some Leyland magnolia emulsion and it obviously wasn't going to cover in one coat. I gave it a second coat - no difference. So I just painted a...
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    Router advice please....

    Just a quick comment regarding Bosch. The green range, usually with model numbers starting with P are diy kit. The blue range are heavier duty trade models, (starting with G). I'm not saying the green range are no good, and indeed I have several of the green range myself, but just for you to be...
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    Wanted Union Graduate Sanding Table

    I must have been lucky when I bought my Graduate. It was on ebay for £250, then £200 and I offered £150 and got it. Just the headstock though being used as a sander with 14" outboard faceplate and adjustable sanding table. That was 2012. It wasn't long before I got hold of a bed, leg and banjo...
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    ML8 Mounting Template

    I have owned a ML8 for over 40 years, ex school. Well built machines which, although dated by today's standards, will probably still be going long after some of their Chaiwanese counterparts with whistles and bells have met the scrap heap. I now have a Union Graduate (I was really pleased to get...
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    Eurolock cylinders

    What is the security issue with letter boxes? K