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    British Sumer Time Note

    I used to live in The Gambia. There, GMT stood for Gambia Maybe Time.
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    Wood stove idea

    To drain any condensation forming between the brick skin and the flue. This is the section most likely to produce any as its going to have the largest temperature differential. A bit OTT though..........
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    " Pooh Sticks"

    Unless its a combined sewer, which the vast majority are....
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    Wood stove idea

    There would also need to be a Structural Engineers report to say that it was appropriate to remove part of the chimney, which is quite likely to be a significant load bearing structure, particularly if it's an older dwelling.
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    Wood burning - Lime

    So you think that the laws of thermodynamics have no relevance....... Did it occur to you that the bigger the stove, the more steel to be heated...........?? According to your logic every radiator ever made should be the size of the wall its fitted to....... Bonkers.....
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    3/4" Impact Sockets - Recommendation Request

    Impact Socket Supplies UK, unsurprisingly, supply all kinds, shapes and sizes of impact sockets, from single items through to sets. I have used them many times, usually to buy single sockets for a specific task. I tend to agree with those above who question the need for a 3/4 inch rattle gun...
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    Lots of stuff came my way yesterday.

    As long as you are measuring something that doesn't require much accuracy they will be fine............
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    Wild fires in BC Canada.

    This thread, as usual with anything that has remotely political nuance, is fascinating and highly entertaining. Whilst the protagonists produce some excellent points and some frankly bizarre ones, I feel that there is a rather more fundamental point to be discussed: It's not the scientists...
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    Mechanical pencil alternative

    Rotring 800, its retractable and just a very nice bit of kit.....
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    Speed Awareness Course

    Marker posts are not accurate either, they are often only accurate to about 10 metres or so. Other items take precedent and the markers are often the last things to be installed when us surveyors have long gone....... The best way to check distance and speed is with the GPS data on your phone...
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    18v tool brand choice

    You can buy adaptors for the major brands to use one make of battery on another make of tool. I've never used one but do have an adaptor for the old oval dewalt tools to use the newer batteries. Works a treat, a 20 something year old all metal drill/driver was worth stripping and rebrushing once...
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    Very very Nice Bling Safe Sliding Saw by Altendorf.

    Therein lies the rub, during a risk assessment the term "do all that is reasonably practicable" accompanies all levels of mitigation. Cost can and has been used to justify not undertaking certain mitigations. Another well used term in RAMS is "training and experience". The big problem is that...
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    Joke Thread 4

    Was it an iron bar?
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    Very very Nice Bling Safe Sliding Saw by Altendorf.

    So that's the solution to all occurrences of injury in the workplace? Eliminate the need for use of the brain........ Fantastic idea.....
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    Very very Nice Bling Safe Sliding Saw by Altendorf.

    It's a solution looking for an accident.
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    The joys of electric car ownership!

    Regarding the carbon cycle and whether or not you have enough trees growing to replace those being burnt, we could apply any given hypotheses to the carbon cycle in general, including fossil fuels. What will probably happen is that we will take the human race to extinction before the last...
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    Khan's ULEZ scam >road charging

    "So per MW a PWR requires - 694/1000 = 0.694 tons per MW A 3MW wind turbine requires - 4.7/3 = 1.56 tons per mw so per MW wind turbines require just over half as much as a conventional nuclear power station." I think it's the other way round....???? To be fair, you did cast aspersions on...
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    How do they get away with this?

    Well it sounds as though when this AI stuff gets it's act together we will be proper shafted......
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    Braces (or suspenders if you must!)

    Ask John at EH Spencers in Shipston.
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    Splitting the line.

    I make that 42..........