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    Starter set of Router Bits

    avLooking for some advice here, chaps. I have just purchased my first “large” router, a move up from a 1/4” Colt handheld. As I am disabled, I have found that I cannot hold the smaller router firmly enough to complete even the most basic routing tasks with the Colt so I have decided to move to...
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    Quality, affordable, helical cutterhead, 200mm jointer

    I am a newby here, so I maybe completely off base but have you considered the Shinko AH 200S, made in Japan, sold by Dictum in Germany for between 679 euro and 899 euro. There are 2 options for the benchtop machine - 1 option being aluminium tables and the other having cast iron tables. Both...
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    For Sale Now not selling.

    I would like to purchase your Domino DF500, Sorry to hear that you are having to sell up your collection. I wish you the best of luck with your health.
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    Advice please re: blade for 10" table saw

    Hmmmm.. here comes the stupid questions again.....I have gone to the Bosch NZ site, referenced here at GTS 10 XC Table Saw | Bosch Professional and looked at the specs which seem to be stating that SAW BLADE BORE is 25.4mm. Is there a difference between the saw blade bore and the Table Saw...
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    Advice please re: blade for 10" table saw

    Tom, thank you for speaking plainly to me, I do really appreciate your taking the time to write and also provide the links to the videos. I have watched the video about the thin rip jig, purchased the plan and will be making it in the next few days. One of the issues that I have with You...
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    Advice please re: blade for 10" table saw

    Yeah, I hear that they do hearing aids too!
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    Advice please re: blade for 10" table saw

    Thanks for the link. I have one very dumb question, its one I have wondered about for some time, so here goes! When buying a saw blade for my table saw, assuming it fits, can I use the same blade for my hand held circular saw? What about my track saw? Is the use of the word "circular" mean...
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    Advice please re: blade for 10" table saw

    Thanks so much for your reply and for detailing your practices for preparing the thin strips. Would you consider sharing the details of the jig that you use with your track saw, as I had considered using my track saw but was concerned about getting constant repeatable cuts. Also, I would love...
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    Advice please re: blade for 10" table saw

    Brilliant idea! I had not even thought of using the bandsaw but have followed your link, viewed the video and now am in "on-line discussion" with the nice folks at Accu Slice. Thanks so much for the prompt. In addition, I will be changing to Freud blades for my table saw. Cheers
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    Advice please re: blade for 10" table saw

    Great news to know that you have the same TS as me. I will follow your advice regarding using the Freud blades. What kerf are the blades? I presume you are happy with these blades for fine work? Regards Robyn
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    Advice please re: blade for 10" table saw

    I need to purchase a blade for my Bosch GTS 10 XC table saw that is permanently mounted into my workbench. I specifically require this blade to cut thin strips (v. thin such for Kumiko) from solid wood pieces - oak, ash, maple, pine etc. We are advised to purchase a sawblade with a "narrow...
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    Festool CT36E AC vacuum - the planex model

    Thanks Mike, the reducing sleeve is hopefully all I need. Cheers
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    Festool CT36E AC vacuum - the planex model

    I read somewhere (but of course can't find the reference now!) that it is possible to use the CT36 AC vacuum and accompanying hose with the more common RTS and ROTEX sanders, which I have several of. My 36mm hose has a difference connection on the end than the one that will connect with the...
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    Hearing Aids and workshop noise - need advice, please

    Hi, I don’t know where to post this question, so would a Mod please move it, if I am in the wrong forum. I have no hearing in one ear and very little in the other but wear a hearing aid in both ears. Generally I work in the shop by myself and do not have my hearing aids in and have never...
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    Drum sander for finished Kumiko panels

    Thanks for that info on the drum sander. I have located a drum sander that is sold in NZ that has a minimum depth of 0.8mm to a max. Of 75mm. As it is a Laguna which are an international company, maybe you might find it available near you? Here is the NZ link Laguna SuperMax 16/32 Wide Drum...
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    Thin Rip Jig for the Track Saw

    Hi Trevor, how is this jig working out for you? As with your situation, I don’t have an easy way to cut reasonably accurate thin strips for this Kumiko interest I have developed. I have been searching the website for ideas and jigs. It seems you were one of the early adopters on this web...
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    Drum sander for finished Kumiko panels

    Hi, I am back again with the questions - I went to the Axi site to see which drum sander you had purchased as I am facing the same problem, but the 406 doesn’t seem to be sold there now. Is there another DS similar, so I could heat an idea? Thanks, Robyn
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Pulleyt Hi there, I am very interested in your journey into the ”world of Kumiko” as I describe it. I recently took the plunge into this world with the same You Tube channel. It’s rather fun, in a woodworking manner. I was interested in your comment about the mitre saw as this is something I...
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    Boxes from Uluru

    Beautiful work and the symbolism is lovely - a inspirational take on the native culture. I love the second box in particular.
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    Advice re: best detail power sander

    Phil, thatnks for listing the grits that you generally use with your sanders. It is interesting that both of you who responded to my question use a multi tool. I have added a multi tool to my wish list, just have to sort out which make to get!! Anyway, thanks for your thoughts on this issue...