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    Oak flooring with dovetails

    I think there's an original upstairs floor in Leeds Castle, Kent, that has been laid with butterfly keys. I say "think" because I visited a long time ago, so I might have got the wrong castle. But I remember being amazed and impressed at the work. You could always give the castle a ring - give...
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    Needing a new plane iron for a 5 1/2

    I bought the replacement cast brass longer aduster yoke from Flinn Garlick - was about a tenner each I think. You need to cut and file a bit to fit, but I didn't need to open the mouth on either the Stanley or the Record... although I probably ought to do the Stanley. Neither of the factory...
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    Thanks Robbo! And thanks Phil, that's a nice way of putting it!
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    Sorry, but what's a fingernail grind in easy terms? *edit* just realised what a stupid question this is. Apologies.
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    How to set a saw

    Thank you! That was a really good film. Fascinating stuff. I liked how he tweaked the brass back in that jig thingy. I have a warped tenon, so I'm going to give that a go. Nothing lost!
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    Email account has been hacked.

    I think my solution is slightly better. I make up passwords by randomly hitting keys and then saving them on to a removeable USB as text files. The USB is backed up elsewhere because I'm paranoid, but if it's not on the computer, nobody can steal it. I had trouble with passwords and paper with...
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    working wooden car

    My dad's pal had a 1930 something MG TC. It got woodworm.
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    Best hinge for a DIY murphy desk?

    Just saying... My desk is 750 deep and I have a 27 inch monitor on it, which is a very nice size, but a strain on the eyes if I get too close to it, so I tend to sit back. The sketch shows 2 x 24 inch screens, which I presume are monitors, so 400 would be fairly close up and personal.
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    Can anyone tell me how this table has been made?

    I don't see why some posters are so dismissive about HomeGrownHeroz's table photo. Similar things sell for quite a lot of money in the trendy shops in places like Shoreditch in London - reclaimed pallet furniture and the like. The look is deliberately crusty, but the furniture can be solidly...
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    Broke my compass plane

    I think you're right, toolsntat. I don't think mine was a bad plane - it did what it was bought for and I didn't have those problems as far as I can remember. But I've spent a lot of time faffing with it and I may never use it again in reality, so on consideration, I have just now ceremonially...
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    Broke my compass plane

    Don't understand - do you mean using a countersink to soften the start of the thread in the knob? Would that be the same as going round it with a needle file?
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    Broke my compass plane

    Hi all and thanks for the ongoing comments. Sorry to say I gave up on it for the moment. It's on the shelf in bits looking forlorn. In reply though, david.tamlaght, the threaded rod looks fine. I did take it to the tool shop and the guys couldn't see anything wrong with it either, except for a...
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    Sash bar dimensions for historical windows

    A close up way to do it if you have a small printer like me, is to run off detail drawings of just the parts you need to mark out, say top view and profile, slice through the drawing and use a marking knife to mark off all the lines you need from the paper direct on to the wood. I just prick...
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    Sash bar dimensions for historical windows

    Yes, sorry - might be cross purposes here. All I'm saying is that rods were common practice in my job. What I meant about precise drawing skills is that you could not hand over a sloppy drawing to a maker. You would get murdered.
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    Sash bar dimensions for historical windows

    Possibly because once CAD came along, there wasn't so much need for someone to draw up a same size rod drawing on detail paper, so the job got quickly forgotten and not interesting enough to remember. You had to be very precise in your technical drawing skills and the writing of instructions...
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    Sash bar dimensions for historical windows

    Now if I could just persuade you to come round and give a practical demonstration.... Thanks Jacob! Really that's far and away beyond my comfort zone. I'll leave that to the experts.
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    Sash bar dimensions for historical windows

    Thanks for this. I owe you a pint.
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    Sash bar dimensions for historical windows

    And following the rods discussion with interest. I used to work in a big retail design consultancy. We had to check the rods from the sign manufacturers before they started to make the things, One day there was an orrible banging and crashing coming up the stairs and eventually two blokes...
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    Sash bar dimensions for historical windows

    Yes, I would like to hear that, if you don't mind taking the time. Mind you, short of nicking lead off next door's roof, I have no idea where I would get it from.