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    Using a planer/thicknesser blade height jig

    I had a set for my old machine, they were virtually impossible to use. I tried the block of wood method, and found that quite frustrating. In the end I used a piece of glass sat on the out feed table with a piece of copy paper between the glass and the table, rotate the cutter block so the knife...
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    Remote control for extractors

    I've been using the same relay as @Sideways for over a year with my 2hp itech extractor, it's been flawless. I removed the NVR switch and put the relay in its place so it's all neat and no live bits are exposed. Matt
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    Trim Router

    I've got the katsu corded, a Rutland branded plunge trim router and the Milwaukee cordless trim router. The bearings failed in the katsu in very shot order, I replaced them, it works but it's soo bloody loud and vibrates a lot, the Rutland's router is better, still loud and seems to be made...
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    Axminster MB1933 planer thicknesser, spiral cutterhead?

    You will still get snipe even with a spiral head, that's down to the machine setup. I've got a spiral head in my PT, there is still some work to do once the wood has come off the machine, it's good but not finish ready. I had a dw733 before, if the darn thing wasn't so loud I probably wouldn't...
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    Woodwork eye protection safety glasses

    I really like these, they're comfortable, light and don't steam up easily. Bolle contour Matt
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    LVLP spray gun and compressor?

    I bought the spray gun Keith uses in the above video for a built in project I had going. It's a nice smaller gun, the spray fan is quite a bit smaller then my hvlp guns but it also goes through considerably less air. The finish off it is great. My hvlp guns I need to stop after about 30 secs to...
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    Axminster or record power P/T

    I ended up with a charnwood spiral pt12s. I fully set it up and have used it for a couple of smaller jobs so far it's great, feels like a quality machine.
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    Axminster or record power P/T

    Just an update on this thread, I have decided to go with neither of these machines and plumped for a charnwood PT12S, it should arrive on Saturday, I will update with my first impressions. Matt
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    Need help staining pine

    Whenever I've stained pine to reduce the blotching I mix up a weak PVA and water wash, paint it on, let it dry then apply the stain of your choice I like Littlefair's water based stains. I like to do a tester board as you may need a stronger PVA mix depending on the timber itself. It doesn't...
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    Hardpoint saws vs resharpenable

    When I watched this I thought it was puzzling, so currently a Nicholson 150mm slim taper saw file can be had for about £5.50ish you would get at least 6 sharpens from this file (as long as you're not using excessive pressure or re profiling a saw) so how is that more expensive than a decent hard...
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    Scotch Brite Grey

    I use the grey pads to apply hardwax oil and wax, similar theory to using wire wool but no chance of it reacting with tannins. Like the above it's also great for denibbing between coats. Matt
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    Woodworking Square recommendations please

    I use 3 squares mainly, the first is an old 12" rabone Chester man 1902 like this, it's got a cast head and a hardened blade and they are good value on the 2nd hand market. The next is a 6" double square from Axminster but by the look of it it's now been discontinued so if I needed to replace it...
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    Impact Wrench which one? Help

    As someone who works on cars for a living I use Milwaukee gear, if you only want to buy one tool to cover it all then go big, this gun is the highest torque they do currently, and honestly I can't remember a time it didn't undo something. It's also on offer this weekend so grab it while it's...
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    5 1/2 Jack

    I have a 1947ish record stay set that I bought when they sold off the contents of David Charlsworths workshop last year, it's a fantastic plane, ploughs through wood like nobody's business. I've done nothing to it other than put a Ray Iles iron in it and sharpen. Matt
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Nothing too special, just a rack to hold all my files, got sick of them in a drawer. Made from a recycled pine kitchen cupboard door that I was given years ago.
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    Tenon saw - is this saw a good buy

    All my tenon and dovetail saws are sharpened rip, I did have one I sharpened to crosscut but that's used as a carcass saw not for tenons.
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    Axminster or record power P/T

    Which machine did you go for?
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    Axminster or record power P/T

    It must be the FS30C I've seen photos of with the tables up, thanks Mike.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Here is a jewelry box in sapele, yew and ash that I made for my wife, 2 nice piston fit trays are a must. It was my first go at french polishing as well, I like the way it turned out. Matt
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    Resawing 12" wide hardwood

    It can be done with a handsaw, this was some I think 9" or 10" sapele with a 26" 6tpi saw, was it ideal, no, did I spend a fortune to do it, no, the saw was about £3 from a carboot sale, would I do it again with that saw, no, I have a 3tpi 30" thumbhole rip saw for that job now. If you are...