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  1. +steve+

    Sold Startrite 352 Bandsaw

    Hi, how much is it...I've looked a few times but I'm buggered if I can see the price, also where are you please👍
  2. +steve+

    Model engineer workshop

    Thans for the offer, I've managed to print off the drawings I need now. 👍
  3. +steve+

    Model engineer workshop

    Thank you also, I've bookmarked the index for future reference. 👍
  4. +steve+

    Model engineer workshop

    Just what I was looking for thank you 👍
  5. +steve+

    Model engineer workshop

    I'm looking for the magasine issue that details the making of the clutch for a myford ML7. Is there anywhere that list the issues for past projects? Thanks Steve
  6. +steve+

    Myford ml8 parts for sale

    Any of this still available? Thanks
  7. +steve+

    Myford Ml8 Bandsaw

    Thanks, I've spent a long time on this site over the last few months😁. Just thought there might have been a drawing somewhere showing all the screws, washers, etc for each of the attachments so I know it's all there when or if I buy one. Guess it's pot luck, thanks for taking the time though 👍
  8. +steve+

    Myford Ml8 Bandsaw

    Thanks for the info, I did have one of the small burgess saw quite a few years ago but the table was warped either side of the split line where the blade fits. Thought the myford might be a better option as it looks like its steel? I'll look into the options, cheers 👍
  9. +steve+

    Latest thing you have printed / machined / cut

    Pair of laser cut cork mounting mats for the Myford Ml8 lathe as part of a refurbishment.
  10. +steve+

    Myford Ml8 Bandsaw

    Hi all, Been looking for a while now for a complete bandsaw attachment for the Ml8 lathe. A lot of the ones for sale seem to have various parts missing in the photographs. For instance, I assume there is some sort of arbor to mount the drive wheel (or does it screw directly to the outboard...
  11. +steve+

    New home for my woodturning....update 9.12.10

    Is there any power down there or will you be using a jenny? I think it will look very authentic when it's done. Well done and good luck. Steve.
  12. +steve+

    Axminster TS200 - would an Incra mitre fence work with it ?

    OK, so been a bit of a disaster today! The table looks great, pics to come tomorrow I promise. Now, I asked for the slots to be 3/8" deep which they are, but because of the lack of material and flex under pressure of the mill head it does tend to vary a bit along the length. It is 3/8" at the...
  13. +steve+

    Axminster TS200 - would an Incra mitre fence work with it ?

    Good news, table has been done and i'm picking it up later on this afternoon :D They said it did get a bit hairy in certain places, particularly in the middle where there seemed to be less meat to work with. Next job is to replace the table again and set it up for a THIRD time, let's hope it's...
  14. +steve+

    Axminster TS200 - would an Incra mitre fence work with it ?

    I'm in the process of getting this modification done at the moment. Some may remember in my previous posts that Axminster sent me a replacement top as the existing one had problems with the 2 mitre slots. Anyway, after I went through the trouble of changing them over I rang Axi back and asked...
  15. +steve+

    Would you prefer to pay a forum sub....

    If I were you Chas, I'd Hurry up and activate your windows licence before someone stumbles acress this thread and uses your product ID code to activate their illegal copy :lol: :lol: (Obviously I mean someone from outside of the UK workshop forum!)
  16. +steve+

    Router matting

    I agree with Lurker, mine's about a metre wide cut to what ever length you like. I keep a small roll just for laying on the work bench when dealing whith delecate or easily scratched items like my guitar.
  17. +steve+


    You have far more patience that me! Excellent work, well done. Let's just hope the rest of the school doesn't want one each! :lol:
  18. +steve+

    Rutlands & Tilgear price difference

    Thanks for the advice Wizer. Escudo, I have no idea what you are on about but it does sound nice :)
  19. +steve+

    First toy of the year....

    Lee, I'm sure it will be much appreciated and get plenty of use throughout it's life time. Well done for taking the time to do this =D>