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  1. Sheptonphil

    Steel beam size question

    Just apply for planning, it’s not expensive or onerous for a small outbuilding. I did with my worship and had a decent pitch and 4m height. Sub 1m from boundary.
  2. Sheptonphil

    Ebay relisting?

    I use EBay a fair bit, but also will never buy when a reserve is in place, or there are zero feedback bidders bidding.
  3. Sheptonphil

    Fixing the Festool TS55 dust port

    Paul put a link to them earlier in the thread, just click on the link below.
  4. Sheptonphil

    ****ing boiler system...

    there won’t be anymore pressure, the pressure is what it is as soon as you let any water through, just a more consistent flow for the volume that wants to pass the stop tap. Opening the stop cock fully can’t generate more pressure but will decrease it (when any tap opened). Rules of physics...
  5. Sheptonphil

    Festool HK55 worth it for a newbie Circular saw??

    Buy once, cry once. I now only buy really decent brands for regular use tools, and yes that includes Festool. As an avid DIYer I now have a collection to match many pros, all paid for themselves by the work they’ve allowed me to do. Cheap for some tools is OK, but where accuracy and finish are...
  6. Sheptonphil

    Shed on a steep slope project - retaining wall question

    The 1m requirement and flammable material reg is for structures over 15sqm internal. This one is only 12m external So not a consideration.
  7. Sheptonphil

    Where to get wood in the UK? (specifically Devon)

    They are open on Sundays unfortunately. That’s my easy day to go there. 😳
  8. Sheptonphil

    Can I change keyed chuck to keyless?

    Same here, my large Jet pillar drill came with a great keyless chuck. Doesn’t take long to work out how to hold bit and collar in one hand, tighten top ring with the other to at least pinch it up, then tighten grip and lock it up. Takes far less time and aggro that a key. I say go for the...
  9. Sheptonphil

    Where to get wood in the UK? (specifically Devon)

    Timbersource, in Waterlip just on the outskirts of shepton Mallet do some excellent timbers. They also deliver. Once a year they have an open sale day, anyone can wander the yard and massive warehouse/workshop and buy the ‘offcuts’ of many exotic and native species. Boards 1200x450x60 are...
  10. Sheptonphil

    Reasonable priced new lathe, east Somerset.

    Click on the f icon and it will open in FB. It is a link.
  11. Sheptonphil

    Reasonable priced new lathe, east Somerset.

    Hi all saw this on the local FB, may be worth a shout f you are local enough to pickmup i know nothing of the seller or item.
  12. Sheptonphil

    Advice please re: blade for 10" table saw

    I have the same table saw and only ever use Freud 254x30 blades. It makes a massive difference. I keep three, a 24tooth rip, and 40 and 60 tooth for decent cross and sheet material cuts. Saxton we’re ok, but Freud are far better, and out last the cheaper by three or four to one. I’ve never had...
  13. Sheptonphil

    Collection of 3d printing files relevant for woodworking

    Yes, it is plumbed in for 4” collection below. It seems to take all the dust through the blade slot. I think cos there’s very little clearance, dust doesn’t drag under the piece, more stays in the blade slot. table gets none on it. Not that it would take much to add hives to the design before...
  14. Sheptonphil

    New Woodworking Job (Career Change) Advice?

    “Always regret something you did, not something you didn’t.“ I was told as a young ‘un. So, I say go for it, you’ll not have the ‘what if?’ Hanging over you. You can probably always find a Groundworks job if you wanted to revert, less people inclined to do that level of graft (and that’s meant...
  15. Sheptonphil


    Clearly everybody has dutifully forgotten Watney’s Red Barrel. The most dire pint ever inflicted on the patrons of any pub in the sixties/seventies. I was fourteen, and was my introduction to a ‘winning pint’ for the pub darts league. Fortunately I knew better and requested Wadworths 6x, a local...
  16. Sheptonphil

    Chisels, new or old

    Any car boot sale, Marples blue or Marples yellow/red handled at £1 each. Good old fashioned steel. Spend your money on a decent oil stone. Plenty good enough for any home worker. If you’re a serious woodworker and /or like ‘nice’ then spend the money on AI.
  17. Sheptonphil

    Collection of 3d printing files relevant for woodworking

    Also a blade insert for the Jet 16” bandsaw. The stock aluminium one is dire, neves perfectly flat and far too much clearance
  18. Sheptonphil

    Collection of 3d printing files relevant for woodworking

    I made a wall holder for the denewills remote control holder I use for remote switching of various devices in the workshop. It was always going walk about, but now it doesn’t even get removed from the holder to use it.
  19. Sheptonphil

    Yandles - where have they gone?

    Dropped in this morning, just for a couple of bits of timber, ended up browsing tools I never knew I needed, much less actually putting them in the car with the timber. It just sucks you in and hoovers your wallet that place 😳