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    Laburnum available

    I have just acquired some very nice laburnum, just cut down. 100 - 120mm diam. 300-500mm long. Ends now sealed. I also have some well seasoned laburnum. I am BA3 . If of interest to anyone nearby , message me.
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    Jointing a Large DIY Oak Tabletop

    Considering from initial concept you have known, and stated, that the final finish will a little ‘ rustic’ and not quite flat etc I feel there has been far too many negative responses here that don’t fit the ‘brief’. I love it , what a brilliant idea to pursue with limited equipment. For sure...
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    Drill Bit Advice

    Cheap tungsten tipped masonry drills are easily reground to give a sharp cutting edge at similar angles to normal HSS drill using a diamond disc in a dremel.
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    Advice on how I could have done better please

    Yep got the thinking and totally agree. The whole base design was a complete afterthought so couldn’t totally get the ‘flow thru’ look and the holes of larger enough to ‘open it up’ to see through. So had to accept the line flowing with the upper section.
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    Advice on how I could have done better please

    Thanks Paul, can you sketch your suggested ‘curve’ please
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    Advice on how I could have done better please

    Hmmmm I drilled them first which maybe wasn’t wise, 🤔 The only tool I could use in that awkward part was 3mm wide bowl gouge, but had to make a bespoke tool rest to work from .
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    Advice on how I could have done better please

    I completed this walnut bowl yesterday trying out a ‘galleried’ base idea I had been pondering on. I had predicted the weak area of short grain on the edge of the base and inlaid a strip of bamboo in a groove before hollowing out the base . This basically worked as reinforcement. However I...
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    Making Curved Hinges for Oak Gate

    Wow, absolutely brilliant work, and you have documented the whole process so thoroughly that the reader just 'feels' your dedication to quality. It leaves me wanting to know more about the install situation, I am assuming for a client ? and you have made similar gates before. What I don't...
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    Turning blanks from logs

    Managed to upload them now
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    Turning blanks from logs

    Always the option to embrace the ‘pith’ it’s all part of the tree . As long as you are competent, winged bowls work well with branch wood . I’ve tried to insert some pic but can’t work out how 🤔 what’s changed ??
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    12kg Bog Oak

    Decided to start with the small section, not sure where this concept came from but though a simple design it was actually quite a challenge technically. But then that’s what keeps me working with wood …..
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    3 way crotch bowl

    For no particular reason I decided to turn this a bowl out of a piece of Ash I put away about 8 years ago. Should have taken a photo before I started !! Great care had to be taken with 3 ‘branch bases’ flying round initially. The 3 way crotch meant it was turning into the end grain at the...
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    Adapting woodworking skills to another field

    A few years ago I was ‘given the task’ of cutting hundreds of fabric circles. My lathe seems the appropriate tool. Can’t find any pics of the circles , only the off cuts . I used a really sharp pointed craft knife to do the cut at quite fast revs. Worked a dream .
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    12kg Bog Oak

    So easy to achieve a finish
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    12kg Bog Oak

    Yep, only just hanging on; so machined up a couple of faces to reveal the grain
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    12kg Bog Oak

    Today for my 70th birthday I have been given a 12kg lump of Bog Oak! Probably a 1st for birthday presents . At the moment I have no idea what I will decide to make with it , it needs a lot of thought ! But hopefully one day I will post the outcome .
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    New Workshop - Down Lighters or Light Fittings

    I agree that LED batten really do seem the best option, I have been pleased that I upgraded old lighting to batten about a year ago. Can anyone explain why the lights get significantly ‘brighter’ not dimmer whenever the 2kw fan heat turns on; and stay bright for quite a while after it turns off...
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    Ash Bar Stool

    Thanks Michael, yes the floor was a massive challenge about 6 years ago, hundreds of hours with a spoke shave ! About 43sq. mt
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    Ash Bar Stool

    All 4 finally completed !