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    Multitool advice

    I have the green Bosch one I bought in 2012 to help with a house renovation and found it so useful I thought I'd replace it with something better when it dies. Unfortunately it's still going strong, very noisy and vibrates like **** but still gets regular use for all the things it's the best...
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    My wife's died. Well, according to Inland Revenue....

    That works both ways though. Last year I informed HMRC that my mum had died and received the standard condolences letter and a refund cheque (in separate envelopes) in less than a week 💰
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    Oscillating Sanding Machines, Belt and Bobbin Type Any Good?

    Bisch Basch Bosch YouTube channel has just done a review video and follow on "improvement" video to the Scheppach version of that. It could be worth a watch to help your decision.
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    Just to stir the pot, has anyone noticed...

    What? exactly the same as you're missing my point because it doesn't suit your narrative! Hypocrisy much! Scale and demographic both come into play here and just because something works in your relatively parochial area doesn't mean it will work elsewhere. As for your comments regarding Jacob...
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    Just to stir the pot, has anyone noticed...

    I can't be @rsed arguing with you but my point is still that it's easier to organise virtually anything with fewer people involved.
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    Just to stir the pot, has anyone noticed...

    Like everyone you decry, you're not comparing like for like. Northumbria NHS Trust serves half a million people spread over a couple of not particularly big hospitals, a few cottage hospitals and medical centres. Hardly a huge trust, not even comparable to the adjacent Newcastle NHS trust. In...
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    Why can't I buy z-clips or Figure 8 Fasteners in Ireland?!?

    That's strange, I've just looked now and it says they have 11 in stock, perhaps it's because you're in Ireland? I've had no issues with them, they are fairly robust so are working fine for me. Good luck with your search.
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    Why can't I buy z-clips or Figure 8 Fasteners in Ireland?!?

    I used some of these for a couple of coffee tables.
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    Has anybody tried a trend t8 router yet? + trend t8 vs triton tra001

    Basically it's a long machine screw which goes through the base and into the bottom of the adjustment thread, so it's just a matter of screwing it up and down. Just needs a hole in the insert plate to access the screw head. It's very crude but works perfectly and is very micro adjustable.
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    Has anybody tried a trend t8 router yet? + trend t8 vs triton tra001

    I know it doesn't answer the original question, but the Makita 2301 has the facility for above table adjustment built in without any extra purchases. Coupled with a muscle chuck I find it ideal table mounted.
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    Drill Driver Set?

    Not to put a spanner in the works, but I bought the cheapest brushed DeWalt set that Screwfix had about 8 years ago, £140 I think with 1.3 ah batteries and both tools have been well used on both general DIY of my own stuff and 4 house renovations with my son and they're still going strong. I...
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    Trim router recommendation

    I have the katsu, Makita clone, trim router, can't fault it for the price, does everything it needs to.
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    Joke Thread 4

    I thought that was just me, especially after seeing Lawrence of Arabia!
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    I'm in the wrong job

    Agreed, the money isn't great but the hours are brilliant 😀😀
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    Smartwatch for the workshop

    I have a Garmin Vivoactive 4 which vibrates when I get a call or a message and shows on the screen who it's from and first line of message, WhatsApp or email title. Still need the phone to answer the call or reply to messages etc, but a quick glance tells me whether it's important or not. I need...
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    Saw tooth bits

    Famag for me too, expensive but excellent quality. I tend to buy the size I need for a specific job and eventually you get a good selection with minimal pain!
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    Child labour - when did you start you kids off in DIY

    I've often thought that but then realised it won't be my problem 🤭
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    How do I do this? Help!

    This was my solution on a door I made a few years ago. It's not pretty, only visible with the door open, but it does work perfectly.
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    Router bit too large for insert plate

    Ah, I misunderstood, I thought it was the base of the router itself that was too small!
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    Router bit too large for insert plate

    Have you considered getting the plunge base for router? They are available on Amazon and eBay. It has a larger aperture than the fixed base so may take your slotting bit without any modification. Obviously the power issue still exists but you have more control over the router.