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    Damp proofing

    I've just watched the video - as said, very dry, (excuse the pun), but v interesting
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    Damp proofing

    Thanks all of you gents for sharing your knowledge and experiences. Is the capillary action the reason for a DPC? Otherwise, I'm not sure why we would need one 🤔 Thanks in advance Greg
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    Whisky tumblers -advice please

    Try contacting Tomislav - great Turner, helpful and definitely does shot beakers. He speaks good English. Worth a shot, (pun intended)
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    Post a photo of the last thing you turned

    Those money boxes are superb! Love em
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    Wanted Any Woodturning magazines for sale?

    I'll check for you. Could well be some lurking 🤞
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    Centres for Skew practicing

    Axminster sell a matched pair - drive and live. Not cheap, though:
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    Bowl Thickness Calipers for woodturning?

    I've got a figure of eight pair that i THINK I got from Axminster. They are OK. I've seen the Simon hope ones, that actually show the thickness on a scale. They're on my tool-porn list, but haven't yet reached spend justification level. I know its only a matter of time 😕
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    Coffee Container lining question

    Like these on the well known auction site...
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    Coffee Container lining question

    You can get food grade washers to fit a groove you have turned in the lid, (assuming you mean a turned item)
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    Best selling car 2023

    No axe to grind at all, but I'd heard that in China the do the battery swap thing already. Don't know if that's true
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    Post a photo of the last thing you turned

    Nice touch including the storage place. 3 hours - how much did they pay for it?
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    37mm hole?

    If you've a wood lathe, hot glue the perspex to a scrap wood faceplate, Mark your 37mm circle, then use a sharp parting tool or skew to cut the hole. It works well.
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    Chalk deposit in toilet pan

    Our plumber recommends using a wet and dry vac to remove the water, then vinegar or proprietary limescale remover
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    O'Donnell Sharpening Jig - which one?

    I can't quite read your label on the first picture, but I'm happy to measure my jig for you to compare. I'll post some photos later
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    making a chair/step ladder

    That is looking ace! Nice work, jb 👏
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    making a chair/step ladder

    enjoying this thread. Thanks for sharing it, jb
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    Post a photo of the last thing you turned

    20 spindles for a canopy porch. Sapele, 180mm long plus tenons
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    Powered Respirators

    Can someone with more patience than me help out? I think I'd ike to see what is about, but the stupid music and slowest talking intro are doing my nut! What's his secret? Thanks in advance
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    Advice needed - Porch canopy build

    Excellent. I did a couple of practice pieces, before I laid out a story sick - just some ply with the transition points marked. I found that starting with identical blanks and taking my time seemed to work OK. They certainly aren't identical, but customer happy 😅