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    Are these chair parts commercially available?...

    image file sizes (quality) can be altered using many different image editors. I use a free one called IrfanView, available on the internet. You can take a mulyi-million pixel image and reduce it to just Kb, ideal for sending out. I tend to reduce my images to 6x4 or 8x8 depening on the picture...
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    Smallest possible downstairs toilet

    Although slipping your shoes/boots off to use the upstairs loo is an inconvenience, it is a good way of helping your daily fitness, as MF1000 implied in his comment. The less you try, the quicker you lose it, and the more you lose, the less you want to try. On the other hand a loo with a...
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    Woodhaven2 heads up

    Input and testing by those at the user end is the only practical way to develop anything.
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    Royal Mail - complete ban on bladed items from 22nd April

    So, it does make a difference then...
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    A little truth for a change.

    I do wonder about that. Having been to Russia I wonder if they rely on the fear of atomic war rather than their capability to use it. The only sophisticated parts of the country are the large cities, the rest is very old style. Away from the cities, the villages, farms and people are bordering...
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    A little truth for a change.

    And volcanoes
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    A little truth for a change.

    No, I don't think so. The people made the government aware of their feelings on a whole raft of issues including the cost to the UK for belonging to an increasingly poorer club, the control of the UK by EU, immigration and border control, trade restrictions outside of the EU. Sadly, Brexit...
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    Home library

    I used to have a lot of books, both fiction and non-fiction. Nowadays, I get books from the charity shops or Amazon and pass them on to charities again. Some useful non-fiction manuals are worth keeping for reference but don't warrant more than a few feet of shelf space.
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    A little truth for a change.

    Consensus and peer reviews?
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    A little truth for a change.

    It wasn't a mistake. It was a democratic decision made by the electorate. I suppose Remainers still smart at the reality.
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    Garden workshop - planning permission

    Do a sketch of the plan witth measurements, both site and elevation views. Send it in to the Planning dept and see what they say. Better to be safe that sorry.
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    Advice needed for wiring a segmented lighthouse lamp

    Use a readily available power supply from a toy charger, say 6-12V @ 500mA. Use that supply for both coloured window lights and the top bright lantern light. There's always a possiblilty, if you're ambitious is to look an sequencial control of several LEDs to simulate a revolving light. There...
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    Recommend drawer runners

    I bought Solmer sliding drawer rails (450mm) pair for £8.75 from ebay, for the workshop. They take a lot of weight. For domestic use, they'd last the lifetime of the kitchen or other furniture.
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    Rats in a trap...

    Well grey squirrels have been here since 1876. How long do they need to become native? For humans, it seems to be a few years.
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    Rats in a trap...

    I use a humane trap and catch then release the rats several miles away into the countryside away from residential or commercial premises. Live and let live, I say.
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    What is this peace off metal

    My first thought was a hanging device for a large chandelier. My second thought was, it's time for coffee.
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    Workbench top - plywood top glue or screw or both ??

    Screw it on but, if possible, screw it from below using right-angle brackets.
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    Buying from EU

    The UK was a major contributor to the EU. Without that contribution and, with the increasing number of poorer countries having joined or attempting to join, the EU will face harder times. The UK will achieve better deals with the EU countries in time. Covid has caused a significant delay in...
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    I suppose, if you can put up with duck boards as thick as piers and dockyard gates, it might work.
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    Don't use wood.