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    Fitting butt hinges to a box and how to reduce the gap

    It’s all just a pain in the butt! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)
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    Cheaper v more expensive tools

    Mine does that if the blade tension is too much, have you tried just slackening off just a tad?
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    Fitting butt hinges to a box and how to reduce the gap

    I had the same problem and concluded that they are not really designed for this application. They are more suited to hanging doors where you are looking for the uniform gap. Sorry, not much help but might make you feel better!
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    Wanted Jet 16 32 Drum Sander or similar

    Will pm you
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    Wanted Jet 16 32 Drum Sander or similar

    Hi, we have a Jet 16-32 near Gloucester if that’s any good?
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    Startrite Spares

    Machine Spares in Brierley Hill are very helpful
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    Help needed with Table Saw purchased on Ebay

    Machine Spares are generally a very helpful bunch. They may be able to help you from a photo.
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    Flooring options for existing workshop

    Another vote for the garagefloortilecompany. Really easy to install and if you did end up relaying your floor you could reuse them. They were also very helpful when I did mine so it might be worth giving them a call.
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    Stand Made Much Wenlock

    Bit of a long shot, but does anyone on this forum have contact with Andy Bennett from Stand Made in Much Wenlock? His emails are bouncing back as undeliverable. Thanks
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    Spindle Moulders!

    Excellent posts, thank you Felder quote rearward tilt instead of forward as a safety selling point. Can you give your opinion? Thanks 😊
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    disposing of chemicals and finishes

    Someone on this board may be able to make use of any spare finishes and stains. Why not try putting them on the for sale bit and see if anyone wants them for local collection?
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    Domino has died :(

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    Found Veritas medium shoulder plane

    As per the title, has anyone got a veritas medium shoulder plane which they would like to sell?
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    Domino has died :(

    For anyone interested, it went to Festool for repair , new armature, door to door in a week. Thanks o those that suggested it :)
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    Roof insulation

    Personally I would put as much as you can as long as you maintain the air gap between the top of the insulation and the next layer. I have just finished 50 + square meters of insulation the garage roof, 140mm, I never want to do it again in my lifetime. Hence suggest you do the the best you...
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    Roof insulation

    We had a new roof recently and the roofer used TLX gold insulation. It is a sloping roof on a very old house. From memory the tiles and battons came off. TLX, then battons and tiles went on. The plaster and paint on the inside remained untouched, no other insulation in between. Its made a huge...
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    Gel stain

    Looking for gel stain recommendations - choice seems to be limited over here. Thanks
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    Jet Drum Sander 16-32

    Unfortunately it’s a knack that you need to acquire- sorry! Also, may seem stupid but make sure you have got the roll the right way round, mine starts on the open end of the sander and ends at the most awkward place possible on the closed end. I got it the wrong way round thinking they...
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    Tenon repair

    Thank you both :)
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    Tenon repair

    Any thoughts as to what to do with this chair tenon? I have a couple of ideas but not sure. Tenon is only 15mm long x 60mm. Can I face with veneer and re peg? Thanks P.S. Have already murdered the woodworm