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    ebay gremlin.

    try installing an addon for your browser, like ad block plus and/or ublock origin
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    Melamine supplier & CNC service

    Hi, I'm in the Design process of making a Kitchen. I want to start sourcing a supplier of MDF faced Melamine, that offer a CNC service, cutting up panels and drilling holes ect. I'm expecting to have to draw up the plans in CAD and for them to work from those. Are there any issues that...
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    How many chisels and gouges?

    I have in the region of: Carpentry chisels: 10 Cabinetmaking chisels: 20 Turning chisels: 8 Carving: 15
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    Veritas Dovetail saw

    It may just be your natural technique, which suits your old saw but not the new. Try a few rip cuts on a scrap piece of timber. Then change your posture slightly, elbow a little away from your body or towards and note the difference. Then notice how you stand while cutting, are you a little too...
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    Recommendations for a new set of chisels

    Also would recommend a set of Narex. Very well made, with good steel for the price. Be mindful, that they are designed to be hit with a wooden mallet, not a metal hammer
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    Best dovetail saw

    As with any well made saw, there is a tipping point over performance. Once they are sharp and you are happy with the set, it just comes down to the user's preference with how it feels balanced in the hand. Then with a few hours use you should be able to cut to any line as accurate as your skill...
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    Quangsheng Shoulder Plane Passaround

    Matthewwh , A plane in comparable size to the Clifton No 410 would be ideal.
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    Quangsheng Shoulder Plane Passaround

    Matthewwh, have you any information on the possibility of a smaller model by Quangsheng ?
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    Glue for Melamine cabinets with domino's

    Titebond would be absolutely fine, although just be mindful that it will grape the components very quickly. Do a thorougher dry cramp before-hand to iron out any problems. You may as well glue any MDF-MDF joints, just a slightly damp rag to hand to quickly clean it up.
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    Recommend a design book

    Thanks for suggestions guys, taken on board. Starting a full time furniture making course in sept and how you go about designing new pieces feels like my weakest area.
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    Recommend a design book

    Hey, looking for good design books, namely on furniture but any areas of woodworking are always welcome :) Thanks
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    Old tool dealers and car boot sales

    Hey , just about the no1 place to see fine arts,including woodworking, under one roof in the country is the Victoria & Albert museum in central west london. Well worth spending atleast half a day to wonder around. Shops for hand tools are few and far between now, plenty...