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    I am retired broadcast engineer now doing diy carpentry, electrical etc general hobbies. I have lots of good quality test equiments, tools etc.

    I’ve also got a 1300 Ace that went bang, I replaced the switch and brushes, it’s now good as new. Being a Bosch, all spares are readily available over the internet.
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    Wolfcraft Doweling Jig

    This is also my experience, although I’ve since replaced the wolfcraft jig with a wnew jig from Banggood and it’s better in every respect.
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    Sold SOLD.

    Also interested in the Kapex. I’m about half an hour away, so collection wouldn’t be a problem.
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    Festool CTM Midi Vacuum.

    I was in a similar position to you and bought the M class festool, it’s excellent but I find the audio warning can be annoying occasionally but can also help let you know when the bag is getting full. TBH if I was to do it again with the benefit of experience (like you I was concerned about MDF...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    French cleat holder for my fret saw. The clear plastic retainers spin on a bolt and are held open / closed by a couple of small magnets, it works really well.
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    Plunge saw - battery or corded?

    I bought the 240v Festool and love it (hobby use). Because I always want the best extraction I can get I have the plug it cord attached to the extraction hose using Velcro cable ties and I really don’t notice it. That said I would like a battery saw for convenience when doing work outside and...