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  1. J

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Looks great, and also, it's in oak, so yeah, that'll take some effort (but then again lime/basswood will probably not hold up in the european weather :D ).
  2. J

    Collection of 3d printing files relevant for woodworking

    Interesting info, but off topic to this thread. Please post (links to) 3d files here.
  3. J

    Minimal Tool Challenge

    Quite a fun challenge! It can be argued though, that the tool you made (is that a Doe's Foot?) also needs to count, even though you made it with the minimal toolkit and the board :D
  4. J

    Engineered stone banned in Australia

    Must say the ban got me thinking also, as an engineer, I see the harmful dust release as a problem which needs solving, that's all. Engineered stone in itself is not inherently harmful, the same way cigarettes or alcohol are, nor is it likely to degrade or end up in the environment in volume...
  5. J

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Thanks for the explanations above, they are indeed cut rather than drawn nails. I used these:
  6. J

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Have my mother in law for this years secret Santa, and she has a vegetable garden/ allotment, so I assume she takes some tools back and forth with the car. Made a japanese toolbox for her, so there is less muck (from the tools) in the car: Pine, cut nails, a mahogany wedge, protruding...
  7. J

    Sold Ashley Iles set of carving chisels. Available middle of January 2024.

    Not in the market, but I would deprioritise the polishing if I were you, these will sell anyway. To the user, polishing will add very little (me personally, none at all).
  8. J

    Christmas present idea

    Awesome idea, I drew my MIL for secret santa this year, and woodworking is expected from me (last year I made a whisky cabinet, I've made some boxes over the years). Also toying with the idea of making a japanese style toolbox for myself, so I ordered cut nails, those would also make a nice...
  9. J

    Lost Art Press Videos

    Magnificent human being (IMHO), really like his approach to life and business.
  10. J

    Wanted Dovetail guide wanted - Katz Moses or similar

    Started out sawing everything to a line, with no jig, produced OK dovetails with a bit of care from the start. Do have the occasional project where I just need to take more care, gaps, reversed parts etc. With a jig, my dovetails certainly look neater, and they do remove the need to take extra...
  11. J

    Latest thing you have printed / machined / cut

    Would think that with some tweaks you could make those parts into having at least one flat surface each. Right now it's primarily the knuckles of the hinges that will cause grief, more an esthetic choice than anything else. In that mirror body are a few unfortunate things as well, extremely thin...
  12. J

    Paul Davies

    Agreed, maybe report it
  13. J

    Which Coffee Machine?

    At home, I drink coffee only occasionally, in the weekends, so I went with something simple: A Chemex "vase" With a manual coffee grinder (Hario). I have the smaller variant in the caravan, easy enough, add a filter and hot water, just off the boil. Usually have a kitchen scale underneath to...
  14. J

    Paul Davies

    Did he write something in the invite which makes sense? Still very much working and career for me, so I think LinkedIn is a passable way of keeping up to date on former colleagues, but you do get the occasional recruiter or indeed rando. I do not get recruiters, they see something in your CV...
  15. J

    decent hand plane wanted /recommendations

    Yes, I did the repair. I bought the plane on eBay, knowing it had a chunk of the handle missing. Grabbed an offcut, debated about purplehart, padouk and american walnut (all materials I recently used and had offcuts from). Also thought about ebony, but that is a little bit harder to work with...
  16. J

    Wanted Dovetail guide wanted - Katz Moses or similar

    Hello Ben, somebody here posted a workalike of the KM jig which can be 3d printed. Maybe that is an option?
  17. J

    decent hand plane wanted /recommendations

    It's just that the term rosewood implies high quality, and while the handle is not bad, beech handles and knobs are every bit as good. If really nicely figured rosewood would hae been used, that's another matter.
  18. J

    Condensation on underside of corrugated plastic roofing sheet

    If that is a seating area, getting a lot of wind blowing through is not ideal, I think. The issue is that warmer air, which can contain more humidity, encounters a colder surface, the underside of the corrugated plastic. If you choose a material which insulates a little better, but still lets...
  19. J

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Very nice! Pretty creative solution with the jack connector also, using a strat plate mounted on the back pointing upward, that is going to work well, at least when on a strap. So did you fume the body wood? What kind of wood is it? Currently building a little travel bass (neck through, 5...
  20. J

    A bronze hand plane

    That looks really nice!