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    Cutting a tight curve on a thick bit of wood, with a bandsaw.

    These canopy supports were cut on a bandsaw from 2 1/2" pine and didn't need a touch of sanding or further shaping, but they were done on a huge bandsaw with a blade like a G string by a foundry pattern maker.
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    Riving knife thickness

    I used a worn out saw blade to make two riving knives for my ancient Metabo 10" saw that I bought without any riving knife at all. I made two from one blade - one with bolt holes for a blade guard and the other just lower than the top of the blade for use with my sled. The work perfectly. The...
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    Workshop burgled, now my tools are on eBay

    On our local High Street there's two modern day pawn shops, both overflowing with tools, mostly 110v power tools. I know the staff ask for ID when buying stuff, but the scrotes usually have a stolen driving licence or bus pass to 'prove who they are'.
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    Safe workshop heater?

    Interesting discussion about the diesel heaters on the Piston Heads Forum. Super-Cheap Diesel Heater for Home Use? - Page 1 - Homes, Gardens and DIY - PistonHeads UK
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    Precision ground flat stones - UK supplier?

    I've got an ancient cast iron surface plate that was abused and is just about ok for "that's good enough" jobs, but if I need some precision I lay a thick piece of mirror on the plate with a layer of oil between them to cushion the mirror. Good quality plate glass will do the job as well. I was...
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    Mask Hygiene

    I use a CPAP Machine every night and clean it everyday using Milton tablets, the things that are used to steralize baby bottles and stuff like that. Every morning I use a washing up bowl and just submerge the face mask, air pipe and water tank for 15 min's and dry them off with a towel and they...
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    Mole Grips

    Have you ever picked up a live Mole? they are strong, unbelievable for such a small creature.
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    Blue roll holder ideas.

    My wife is short, I cut about 14" off her broom, drilled a hole in each end, used some of her garden twine and a couple of nails into a shelf. Job's a good un.
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    Home-made passive sander

    I did a similar thing, but I used a chunk of brass that didn't need bearings - reducing the size of the carrier - and bolted it to an old handle off 'something' that I had under the bench. I'll take a pic tomorrow.
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    One for the Americans and Canadians

    If you have family in the Americas, use them. My brother is in Canada and he regularly sends me stuff as gifts sourced from the USA.
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    Carpet Tiles in a Workshop - Thoughts (Good or Bad Idea?)

    B&M Home Bargains are sellin packs of interlocking foam floor tiles for £16 for 2sq M. Rolson branded so they should be available at other DIY stores. They are only listing this smaller size on the web site, but they had the big ones in the store as well. Foam Mats 9 Piece - Grey
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    Hi from Telford Shropshire,

    I'm just down the road in Coalbrookdale, retired and busy making firewood... ;)
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    Thin Parting Tools

    In another thread I mentioned using an old saw blade to make a riving knife for my table saw, and being a 'thrifty' old guy I thought I'd cut a bit of the tipped blade and make a parting tool. I cut a long section of the 10" blade just below the center hole and then made a handle from some 1...
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    Riving knife woes (Sedgwick TA315)

    I've just made one for my old Metabo saw and I used an old blade with a tooth missing, the blade steel is good quality and springy, it won't bend easily. It was easy enough to cut to shape with a 5" grinder and a slitting disc, then shaped and formed with with a flap wheel. It drills OK as well...
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    Dust extraction hoods by the headstock, what do you use?

    Because I had one kicking around... and it works a treat.
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    Simple milling using a pillar drill - is it possible?

    I've tried 'light' milling with a small end mill in my pillar drill and it just doesn't work. The chuck just falls out of the taper instantly. To do any good there needs to be a drawbar down through the quill to hold the chuck in place - and then the drill chuck is unlikely to hold an end mill...
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    epoxy resin help

    I used some epoxy resin to reinforce the base of a bakelite camera body that I was making a lamp with, so there was only a small amount of resin no thicker than 5mm. My workshop was very cold so I used a fan heater on the bench while pouring the resin. Then I turned the heater off and left it to...
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    Podium for £4,175!

    I did offer,
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    It a right pain in the ask

    ALDI, we've had a wireless bell from ALDI for about 5 years, works perfectly, has maybe 100 different annoying rings, and cost about £3.