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    Table Saw kickback and trimmed finger

    Even though some might think the HSE advice isn't perfect it is probably the best advice out there. Might be good if the HSE guide on Table saws could be made an obvious permanent link somewhere, thinking about it maybe a link to the full HSE woodworking machinery regulations as it does cover...
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    Help buying table saw

    It sounds like you have plenty of space so I would definitely be looking at something with a sliding table. Sedgwick TA315 are a good saw or something like a Minimax SC3 which has the table sliding next to the blade is really useful.
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    Table Saw kickback and trimmed finger

    Sorry to hear about that, hope it heals well 🤞 As said always use 2 push sticks, using the recommended 450mm push sticks your fingers never need to be any closer than 12" to the blade.
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    Window joint scribing

    Can you cut mitres on them first then cope to the mitre line if that makes any sense?
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    What is wrong with tradesmen?

    I know there are some dodgy tradesmen out there but there are also some good ones. I have started doing more work at customers houses and less in the workshop even though it's less efficient. I might have spent 2 hours in the workshop first thing in the morning getting stuff ready then turn up...
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    Safe workshop heater?

    To be honest I haven't really tried it much when painting or finishing, if it's really cold I paint stuff in the house! I have used it during glue ups but when it's cold I always use PU glue which doesn't mind lower temperatures.
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    Big gap under internal doors

    This was discussed at the time and I was assured that the doors didn't need a 10mm gap under them as is sometimes the case 👍
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    Gunstock door

    It's years ago but I did what you might call a simplified version on some of the doors I made for my house. Ignore the bad paint job and cracked panel 😕
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    MFT top

    Some of my Systainer usage Little handy Systainer drawer/bench I mentioned Multi tool & grinder Current hand tool set up.
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    Upside down doors

    Sorry, slight thread drift coming. @niall Y what is the deVOL stuff actually like? I have a good customer who loves their style, they keep thrusting the glossy brochure in front of me and saying "We want it to look just like this". I've done loads of cabinets and panelling etc for them copying...
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    What is wrong with tradesmen?

    I think many tradesmen (and I'm guilty of this sometimes) find it hard to focus on more than one job at a time. They put 100% into the job they are working on and only start thinking about and planning the next job once they actually start it, this is no excuse for not returning emails etc...
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    MFT top

    I'm liking that. I have one of the mft systainers, bought it maybe 5 years ago at a toolfair (had to buy something) but only recently started using it. I have one of the 3 drawer systainers on a roll board with the mft systainer on top, it acts as a mini workbench (often all you need) or just...
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    Sikkens - slow drying

    It can take ages to dry in cold weather but I guess that's probably not what's causing your problem..........
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    Safe workshop heater?

    I have a patio type heater, it only heats what it's pointing at and not the air but works well for me. Great if I'm only in the shop for an hour also can easily move it to wherever I'm working be it at the bench or the planer etc...
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    Upside down doors

    How can a professional get it so wrong :dunno:
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    Wholesale redwood

    I got some unsorted redwood 6x2 last week but only a couple of lengths, paid £4.30 + vat a linear metre. On the same delivery was a few lengths of 6x1 Accoya, that was £11.15 m + vat :cry: In what now seems like a previous life I remember buying redwood by the pack (probably 4.5m3) for about...
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    Aged brass round head screws?

    Thanks everyone I have ordered some brass screws from Screwline and some Tourmaline from an online supplier 👍 Thinking about it a few years ago I had some galvanised metal finials made for my house roof, the chap who made them decanted some blue liquid into an empty Lucozade bottle for me to...
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    Aged brass round head screws?

    I'm looking for some old looking slotted round head brass screws, 1 1/2" x #8 (40mm x 4mm in new money), need about 150 of them. I can find normal brass but not aged brass (or bronze would probably do), well I can but at silly prices in packs of 10. Anyone know where I can get some at a...
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    Best small chop saw for small workshed??

    I just picked up a 20+ year old one in mint condition, small, portable robust and accurate, perfect to keep in the van 👍 Looks like they haven't changed it much as the current offering looks very similar if not identical...
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    Circular Saw stopping

    I's probably a combination of blunt blade and too small batteries. I have some 1.5ah & 2ah18v Makita batteries for my drills and they are designed to not fit some of their higher draw tools (unless you adapt them ;)) as they don't have enough oomph. Does that saw have a riving knife, if not...