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  1. Vulcan

    Axminster Workshop AW205WL lathe

    I’d just get the cheapest you can find for it, direct threaded if you can. There is a good deal on Rutlands at the moment but it won’t last long...
  2. Vulcan

    Which Coffee Machine?

    From what I’ve read recently, some “grinders” cut, rather than properly grind the beans. A proper fine grind is apparently essential for a good cup of coffee. If I decide to go down this route I’ll probably get this one...
  3. Vulcan

    Simple milling using a pillar drill - is it possible?

    Drill chucks aren’t designed to take side loads. If it’s mounted on a Jacobs taper it could easily come off, I’ve seen it happen.
  4. Vulcan

    Which Coffee Machine?

    I thought they were always bad? 😆 They may be a step up from instant coffee but only a small one. We had a Gaggia Espresso machine which we rather stupidly gave away when we moved house. It made really good coffee. I’m thinking of getting a replacement.
  5. Vulcan

    One family's solar story

    This just popped up in my feed. Even if it's only half correct it must surely accelerate the end of ICE cars?
  6. Vulcan

    Electric vehicles

    And still going down it seems Terry. Electric cars approach ‘tipping point’ as battery prices plummet The outcome for future EV take up is looking quite propitious to me. I just hope the purchase price comes down before my current car conks out! 😂
  7. Vulcan

    Joke Thread 4

  8. Vulcan

    Drill guides

    Ah yes, good point. I’ve used one of these for some small jobs.
  9. Vulcan

    Airbrush cleaning

    That would work. Have you got a cheap source of supply for it?
  10. Vulcan

    Electric vehicles

    I’m intrigued by your comments. Why do you think EV’s are a flop? A quick Google and you get comments like: “The Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car model in Europe in September 2023 and the first three quarters of 2023.” And “The demand for electric vehicles in Europe remained high despite...
  11. Vulcan

    One family's solar story

    Very interesting thread. We’d like to install solar panels but roof condition, orientation and shading preclude us from doing so. The cost of an installation is of course important but we’d be looking at it from an energy security standpoint. The cost of home storage batteries seems to be going...
  12. Vulcan

    Electric vehicles

    I was referring to high density Lithium batteries that have made modern EV’s a practical proposition. 😉 I’m not sure Milk Floats ever counted as personal transport! 😂
  13. Vulcan

    Airbrush cleaning

    You can buy cheap cellulose thinners called “Gun Wash” that spray shops use for cleaning spray guns. A cheaper alternative in smaller 1 litre containers might be the “Universal Thinners” often sold in Aldi and Lidl?
  14. Vulcan

    Electric vehicles

    I’m not sure I understand your question but we’re still in the relatively early stages of vehicle battery development. Volkswagen have recently said the same as Toyota. Toyota Promises EVs With 10-Minute Recharging And 600-Mile Range From 2027 I don’t have a link but I read China have some...
  15. Vulcan

    Drill guides

    What about this one from Wolfcraft, it uses the standard chuck on your drill.
  16. Vulcan

    Daylight saving time?

    Yes I agree it’s time to stop this nonsense. I think they should move the clocks forward 1/2 hour in spring and then leave it like that! 😂 what difference would it really make?
  17. Vulcan

    Home made Turning Tools help

    The eBay and Amazon HSS I’ve bought has been fine for home made tools. If you fancy venturing into carbide, inserts are very reasonably priced on those places as well. 😉
  18. Vulcan

    Jacob's chuck drawbar question

    Not actually launched, it just fell off the taper! Drill chuck tapers as suggested really aren’t designed to take side loads. Morse tapers are fine though with a draw bar. I’ve used several milling machines that had MT3 tapers. If you want to mount small stuff in the headstock spindle you’d be...
  19. Vulcan


    I bought the Axminster Ultimate Edge when it was on special offer and find variable speed and forward and reverse to be useful at times. Turning tools get reprofiled on 80g and generally sharpened on 120g. Carving tools get done on much finer belts, I can’t remember the grit but I run the...
  20. Vulcan

    Robert Sorby Modular tool rests?

    I’ve got a round tool rest that I made but to be honest I don’t like the shape as much as a traditional shape rest. The only advantage I can see is that they can easily be hardened if made from the right steel.