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  1. Robbo3

    Giant Wood Wasp

    Had a giant wood wasp flew into the open workshop today. Never seen one before so had to look up what it was. NB: Photo taken from internet.
  2. Robbo3

    Heads up! 3 Piece TCT Woodturning Tool Set

    Heads up! 3 Piece TCT Woodturning Tool Set. Three tools with different cutting profile inserts: round, square and diamond-shaped. Total length of Turning Tools is 425mm(16-3/4)” Wooden handles are 254mm (10″) long £38.40 free p&p - https://www.chronos.ltd.uk/product/3-pi ... g-tool-set
  3. Robbo3

    Free To a Good Home - Bearings

    Free To a Good Home - Bearings Accumulated over the years, I call these ball races but they seem to be known as deep groove ball bearings. Diameter x bore x width 6 off 16 x 5 x 5mm (? ZZ) 12 off 26 x 9 x 7mm (629 ZZ) 3 off 24 x 9 x 7mm (609 RS) Edit : All new unused Free to anyone who can...
  4. Robbo3

    Bowl in Bowl - Practice Piece

    This was a piece of sycamore that looked about the right size. The idea was to turn a bowl in bowl (I prefer the term emerging bowl but that has been used for other things) & to practice KimG's finishing technique. The outside went quite well. 2 coats of spirit stain, a denib with orange...
  5. Robbo3

    Duplicating Fingers

    These were (IIRC) originally from Craft Supplies & are often praised by Gary Rance, one of the UK's foremost production turners. I see they are now available again from Richard Finley at The Turner's Workshop. Not cheap but a boon if you make items in batches. - http://www.turnersworkshop.co.uk/
  6. Robbo3

    Acrylic Sheet - Free to collect

    Acrylic sheet Semi obscure. Ripple texture one side, similar to riven paving slabs, smooth the other. Size 1730 x 620 x 5mm. Seems too good to throw away if someone can make use of it. The sheet is leaning against an outdoor clock which is not part of the offer. Collect only, from West Oxfordshire.
  7. Robbo3

    Typhoon & Hercules

    I know there are a number of ex RAF readers & found this whilst sorting out an old PC. 1 A Royal Air Force Typhoon pilot drives up to the open loading ramp of a C-130 (Hercules) for a photo opportunity. 2 He radios, "How much closer do you want me?" 3 They radio, "How much closer can you...
  8. Robbo3

    Left Handed Digital Calipers

    Left Handed 6" Digital Calipers - https://www.machine-dro.co.uk/catalogse ... %286%22%29 Don't seem to be in stock but may be of interest if you have a need for them.
  9. Robbo3

    Parkside Scrapers & Chisels - FTAGH

    Set of scrapers & chisels from a defunct Lidl vibrating scraper. Collect for free (West Oxfordshire) or yours for the cost of the postage - 150g should be about £2
  10. Robbo3

    Outrigger for AT1628VS lathe

    Outrigger for AT1628VS lathe Although you can buy an extension for the AT1628VS,it attaches in line with the bed. To be able to use it, I have to move both the lathe & a load of other equipment that's in the way. The Stratos & Record lathes have an outrigger that is at right angles to the bed...
  11. Robbo3

    Lathe Moving

    I need occasionally to move my AT1628VS lathe a few inches away from the wall to allow the headstock to rotate. I would prefer to lift & drag in one operation rather than lift & place the legs on skates, move, lift, remove skates then reverse the process to move the lathe back. Anyone...
  12. Robbo3

    Mobile Base

    Rutlands Mobile Base - https://www.rutlands.co.uk/sp+workshop- ... k7247#nogo Key Features • Move and position machinery up to 180kg • Swivel castors for steering and positioning • Foot operated brake pedals for locking in position • Frame made from hardened steel • Ideal for table saws...
  13. Robbo3

    Sticky Banjo

    Visiting a beginner who bought a second hand Axminster AWVSL1000 lathe, he couldn't move the banjo. It had been removed from the lathe for carriage & then re-attached. I stripped it down & cleaned out the bolt that dangles from the cam rod, giving the hole a once over with some abrasive just to...
  14. Robbo3

    Advert Problem

    The advert for "Unlimited HDTV is Here" is ringing alarm bells for me. I attempted to buy from them. After clicking through 'see if you qualify' & 'checking stock' web pages I arrived at the page where the antenna is for sale. They wouldn't accept Paypal because there is a 'problem with my...
  15. Robbo3

    Chainsaw Carvery

    Having a ride out to Cheltenham this afternoon to collect a burr kindly given me by another forum member, just outside Burford opposite the Cirencester turn were a couple of young men who carved with chainsaws. I'll let the pictures speak for the quality of their work but a few miles further on...
  16. Robbo3

    Board Index Subforums

    I wonder if, in the fullness of time, the subforums in the Board Index could each have their own line. At the moment you can't tell which of the subforums the last post applies to. Thanks
  17. Robbo3

    Weller Branding Iron Thread Size

    I have just made myself an iron for using the Weller WHK30UK Wood Burning Kit. I posted about it, along with a photograph, in the woodturning section. The tip threads are 4mm in diameter, 32 TPI & 0.8mm pitch. Measurements were taken with dial calipers & thread gauges & even though I'm a bit of...
  18. Robbo3

    Branding Iron

    Just made a brand using the Weller WHK30UK Wood Burning Kit, about £11 on Ebay. The kit contains a number of tips for various applications. The result was much better than I expected, both in my artistic ability & in the performance of the tool. The branding plate is to the left of the three...
  19. Robbo3


    Hotpoint FFA91P fridge freezer. The freezer stopped getting cold enough - about minus 5. Everything seems to be working, eg fan blows cold air which circulates to the fridge. Can't find anything other than generalisations on what the fault might be. Any ideas?
  20. Robbo3

    Tips & Tricks

    A pack of 4 long handled spoons from the £1 shop. Ideal for scooping out the shavings from a hollow form. Grind away the top edge to make it smaller & drill a hole in the handle to hang it up.